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Introducing AltRight.com

We are pleased to announce the creation of AltRight.com, a new collaboration between Right On, Radix and Red Ice.

#37 – Going Primal with Corey Savage

In the 37th episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to Return of Kings contributor Corey Savage about his new book Man's Fight for Existence: The Primalist Manifesto, how modern life is killing humans and more.

David Gellerman

Nationalism — Empathy is Not a Bad Word

Part of humanity's progress has followed from picking up on ideas learnt from others, using and conserving them. One reason why human beings rule the planet, as opposed to the genetically almost identical great apes, is that we can keep building on what others have already accomplished.

Lars Holger Holm

On Modern Art

The political truth of Europe at this time was that democracy, faint and pale, panted for its life on the fringes of the continent. Meanwhile, two tyrannosaurs conjured by a common revolutionary spirit that had recently destroyed and discarded entire empires, had been set against each other in the historical arena. In this extraordinary situation the even more extraordinary happens: Art, hitherto blowing petrol on every existing revolutionary fire in Europe and elsewhere, ecstatically watching every vestige of old Europe going up in flames, suddenly declares itself innocent. And as though that weren’t even enough, it is now: The Victim!

Lars Holger Holm

The Siege of Constantinople

The battle between Islam and Christianity precipitating the fall of Constantinople was an event that for ever changed the course of history. Breathtakingly rendering the internal struggle of the Byzantine capital under deadly constriction, and the occult high-stake political game surrounding it, The Owls of Afrasiab also tells the story of the dangerous passion uniting the Genoese commander leading the city's defence with Hadije, one of the wives of the late Sultan Murad, determined to avenge herself for the murder of her baby boy ordered by the young and lethally ambitious Sultan Mehmet II.

Guillaume Faye

New Right Communitarianism — a Purely Intellectualist Product

Allow me to explain the reasons behind the erroneous positions adopted by the communitarian intellectuals of the New Right. This is what I think: this ideological nonsense does not necessarily stem from a calculated change of direction nor from a shift of position, but is due to both an exaggeration and an extremisation of the polytheistic and organismic worldview, a worldview that I otherwise agree with completely, but one that eventually turns against its own initiatives, just like any system of thought whose principles are taken too far.

Peter Heft

A Conversation Between Peter Heft and Brett Stevens

The Alt Right exploded onto the political scene and then hesitated as its inner conflicts became real. We might see the Alt Right as the Right which refuses to limit its speech to what is politically correct, but at heart, it is a realist movement against the past seventy years of entirely conjectural ideology.

Guillaume Faye

Collaboration with the Settlers

Our church parishes, most political parties, countless institutions and associations, as well as the world of show business have all been advocates of migrant residency, of open borders and of keeping the migrants in place for years on end.