Guillaume Faye

Why Are We Fighting?

Nothing is lost. It’s completely inappropriate to see ourselves, in the nostalgia of despair, as a rearguard, a last outpost, that struggles with panache for a lost cause. No, we have to see ourselves as the vanguard of the resistance, whose lucid spirit exudes a certain optimism.

Anton Stigermark

Man vs Superman

Batman vs Superman depicts the conflict between mankind and a Homeric type of god in the figure of Superman, although unfortunately the film decides to abandon the potential complexities of this theme for Hollywood-style action thrills.

Daniel Friberg

The Rise of the Real Right — Lecture at George Soros’ University

I held a lecture at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary on August 1st 2016. The lecture, including the questions and answers session at the end, amounted to almost three hours in total. Therefore, we decided to publish a shorter video of highlights, as well as the full lecture in text format below.

Guillaume Faye

Catastrophe Scenarios

Here is what I foresee. These prognostications could turn out to be correct, at least approximately so. Let us suggest three scenarios, a first ‘soft’ one, a second ‘hard’, and a third ‘very hard’. Let us start with the probable assumption that the great crisis that issues from the convergence of the lines of catastrophe will take place between 2010 and 2020. These dates seem near, but we are currently experiencing a considerable acceleration of historical events and modifications.

Alain de Benoist

Alain de Benoist on Cats

Alain de Benoist takes a break from political analysis to discuss one of his great loves: cats, as well as their history as the companion of writers and in mythology, and whether by nature cats are more Right- or Left-wing.

Guillaume Faye

The Fraud of the ‘New Economy’

Everyone talks about the ‘new economy’, the economy of multimedia telecommunications and computer services based on the Internet, which is supposed to begin a second Golden Age. This magical concept is the occasion for smug optimists to repeat old progressivist and scientistic illusions. It is, however, a question of a fraud by neo-liberal circles, a scarecrow of more than one modernity in decline, for the ‘new economy’ could well end in disaster.

Right On TV