Sweden and Europe today face a number of serious problems. Finding solutions to these problems requires real men. Unfortunately, one of our greatest problems at this time is precisely the lack of them.

The deconstruction of the European male has been an important element in – and in fact a prerequisite for – the Left’s project of destruction. Their methods have been too numerous to summarise in a short chapter of a brief book, but among the most important steps which they have taken would be the reduction of the military’s role in society (in the case of Sweden, the abolishing of the general draft, which thus depriving young Swedish men of an essential rite of passage), ‘affirmative’ action to drag women into every occupation that it is possible or impossible for them to fill, and the elimination of strong, traditional male role models from modern popular culture. The very latest innovation is the ridiculous pseudoscience of ‘gender studies’, the sole and express purpose of which is to deconstruct gender roles. It all amounts to a sheer attack against all forms of traditional gender roles which, under the cover of ‘justice’ and ‘equality’, aims to create an atrophied human being who is dependent on neutered academics for his or her value system.

The result of all this is confused gender identities; a society where young men achieve less and less in education, suffer from completely irrational insecurities, and even have reduced testosterone levels – far lower than have been normal since they began to be measured.

Sweden and Europe are enveloped in twilight – an utterly grave situation that demands real men for its solution, men who are willing to accept their traditional roles as defenders of family, folk, and civilisation. It is your responsibility to become such a man.

What follows is concrete advice on how to take the first steps to transform yourself into the kind of man Europe needs and deserves:

1) Assess your physical state and your capacity for self-defence. Unless you already do, make sure to start training physically – and I am not referring to golf, badminton, or African dance, but actual weightlifting. Furthermore, take up some form of martial arts, preferably MMA, kickboxing, or whatever else that suits your interests, provided that it includes proper sparring. In this way you get used to the idea of defending yourself against and inflicting violence. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are forced to use these skills, which you very well might if you live in the decaying civilisation once known as the West, this may very well prove to be the difference between life and death for you, your friends and family, and perhaps even your community itself. It is your responsibility as a man to keep yourself in shape and to be capable of defending your family and community.

2) Free yourself from the false worldview of the Left. Do not even consider it as anything other than a product of insane people who want to hurt you. And do not, under any circumstances, refer to yourself as a ‘men’s rights activist’. Doing so signals weakness, and also lacks any logical basis. Any such ‘rights’ are myths, and rank alongside the rest of the Leftist ideological debris. Once again: if you do not have a special proclivity for deconstructing nonsense, or some perverse interest in dumb political ideologies, do not even waste your time thinking about the ideas of the Left.

3) Learn basic gentlemanly virtues. This is especially important for those of us who live in the decadent postmodern West, for two reasons: firstly, because these virtues are worth preserving and passing on to coming generations; and secondly, because internalising these virtues will give you a massive competitive advantage over other modern men – spoiled and feminised as they are.

4) Develop a healthy attitude to women in our segment of the political sphere. Realise that, in general, they do constitute the ‘weaker sex’, that they are in need of protection, and that they do not have the same responsibility which you do in the struggle that lies before Europe. European, and especially Swedish, men, conservative nationalists being no exception, are unfortunately products of our corrupted modern culture and the Leftist indoctrination which we were subjected to during our upbringing. As a consequence we often make the mistake of viewing women as absolute equals, with the same responsibilities and abilities as men. From this point of departure, many are shocked when faced with the low percentage of women who are active in our circles, and believe this to be a problem which could be solved if only we were to ‘adapt our message’, ‘convey a softer image’, or something similar, whereupon women would flock to us and eventually come to constitute half of our ranks. These are of course erroneous conclusions, founded on completely maniacal premises, and the sooner you dispense with this delusion, the better. Women have as a rule always been underrepresented in political matters, with feminism as the sole exception. This exception not only proves the rule, but also demonstates that the rule is probably both natural and desirable. Given the character of the political sphere, especially of its Right-wing elements, it is an inescapable fact that women are and always will be underrepresented. Because of this, the few women who not only attach themselves to our cause, but also prove themselves competent, sometimes become the objects of exaggerated degrees of appreciation and attention, and are put on a pedestal. This is a mistake to be avoided, since it is undignified as well as impractical, and benefits neither the men nor the women involved.

5) On relationships. Since the so-called ‘manosphere’ is already bristling with articles on this subject, I will be brief and offer only three pieces of advice, which will make your life far better and simple, should you chose to apply them.

5.1) Never make finding a woman your primary goal, consuming all your time and attention. Access to worthy female companionship is rather a bonus and secondary effect of having succeeded in other areas of life. In short: focus on becoming a better man in terms of how your education, career, and other efforts can best serve Europe, and women will appear in your lifeof their own volition. When you find the right woman, make sure to start a family, preferably as early in life as possible. When you eventually find yourself on your deathbed, your sons and daughters will carry your heritage within them. The more carriers Europe has, the better.

5.2) Think of your male circle of friends as a Männerbund, where certain principles of honour pertain. One important such principle is to avoid competition over the same women, and not least staying away from friends’ daughters and former girlfriends. Such issues are constant sources of conflict in male circles, and in the long run it is never worth it.

5.3) Do not fall for the myth of equality. This cannot be stressed enough. Men and women are fundamentally different and have different roles to play, in society as well as in a relationship. As a man it falls on you to lead the family. Never give up an inch of this leadership role – it is undignified, counter-productive, and will have catastrophic effects on both your lives, not least on your intimate relations.

Always strive to improve yourself within the framework of your naturally given gender role, and thus your natural role in society and the community. You may live in a depraved, undignified age, and a certain degree of adaptation may be necessary, but it is you and people like you who will form the vanguard in the reformation of Swedish and European society, and the restoration of our ancient, traditional ideals. These ideals once built the great civilisation of Europe, and they will rebuild it when this age of darkness ends.

(The above text is an excerpt from chapter 5: “Brief Advice on Gender Roles”, in my latest book, The Real Right Returns. If you enjoyed this brief article, get the book to read the full text.)

The Real Right Returns

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Daniel Friberg holds an MBA from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University. He has previously conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant and business analyst. He is the co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of the recently published "Högern kommer tillbaka: Handbok för den äkta oppositionen" (Arktos, 2015), and its English translation, "Return of the Real Right: A Handbook for the True Opposition" (Arktos, 2015). Official Facebook page

  • Патрицк Цорцоран

    I agree with everything here, all except for the obsession with weightlifting. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments on taking up a martial art; this is imperative. But actual weightlifting is not necessary for someone to become physically strong. Most of our ancestors did nothing of the sort. In fact, simply living daily life, especially if you lived outside of the cities, built up your body, but not to the point of some bizarre cartoon image with bulking muscles. Our ancestors were strong, but they were also quite lean and slim.

    This weightlifting thing is more often than not a very vain idea, and one that is rooted in a silly parody. There is also something unpleasantly homoerotic about this absolute obsession so many on our side of the fence are fixating on. I am by no means trying to mock those who take part in it. I think its fine if you want to build up your body in that way, but please, let us not become too engrossed in this one thing that is actually quite trivial. I see this everywhere in our movements. This whole, “get massive” thing. Its weird and borderline gay, for one thing, placing way too much of an emphasis on the male physique, and it should also not be a primary focus. It is incredibly unrealistic. In a times of emergency, you won’t even have the necessary insane food supply to even get that massive and maintain that type of body.

    Martial arts, YES. Weightlifting, optional. And really, it will do one little in the realm of being swift, quick, and agile, which will be of more use to you in dire situations.

    • WNP84

      Well stated, concise, and valid argument as to why being massive physically is not relevant. I get it, it’s intimidating. But not nearly as intimidating as being lean, slender, and then laying waste to foes that are, as the thugs say, “swole”.

      • I think that both of you place too much emphasis on my advice on lifting weights. 🙂 I never state in the text that it is an ideal to become “massive” or some sort of steroid monster – merely that weightlifting, or rather improving your strength in general, is one important aspect, together with agility and general fighting prowess, of becoming more capable of defending yourself, your family, your tribe and ultimately your entire civilization.

        • Harvey Halvorsen

          This isn’t a question about strength training — I ask about generational integration. (Strauss-Howe) A lot of your advice is millennial centred, which is in the core measure appropriate. What can men who had these values; but were completely cheated and abused by Cultural Marxism, fake history and false religion do to reclaim or protect what is finally returning?

          I am doing a few things; but are there optimal points of strategic generational integration that can add momentum?

        • WNP84

          My response wasn’t specific to this article. There are many out in the movement who do preach weight lifting as gospel. But I still stick by what I said. Strength training trumps mass building.

          • Mosley

            Strength training will also put on mass anyway. It won’t do it as well as hypertrophy training but at least it will also be practical. TLMW had it spot on; the people who go against things like lifting weights do it to put themselves in the clear because they can’t or don’t do it.

    • Patriarchal Shitlord

      If you don’t take steroids, you aren’t going to be massive no matter how hard you train (unless you have exceptional genetics). Weightlifting is more of a substitute for physical work that most people would be doing a few centuries back, but now everyone sits behind the computer all day. So if you live on a farm and you do physical work all day, weightlifting is not necessary. On the other hand, if you sit behind the computer all day (like 95% of people), it can be very beneficial.

    • TLMW

      There are no other convenient and efficient ways for the modern man to improve his physical strength than to lift weights on a regular basis. Period. I don’t even lift, but have no problem accepting this fact.

      People should stop making up their own definition of masculinity just to put themselves in the clear. That’s borderline gay if anything.

    • OyVey

      >Most of our ancestors did nothing of the sort.

      You’re wrong. The ancient Greeks and Romans quite often trained with primitive versions of today’s barbells and dumbbells. The Vikings also trained in a fashion that has become today’s Strongman fitness.

    • Bob

      At one level you are right about weightlifting – it is just extension of narcissistic ‘look at me’ culture at the gym fixation level. But what I think you are missing from author’s intent – is that in current western society most young men (majority are urban) no longer do physical things like scouts, farmstays, manual working holidays, volunteer fire fighting and national service and the like, which all involve some basic lifting of equipment as part of a routine. So weigh training in such a physical activity void is not same thing as gym culture narcissism. Rather, it is just taking up the slack that our western culture currently espouses. In past (think back pre 1950’s) weight training was largely used to assist upper body and back muscle strengthening and maintenance, as part of broader overall fitness routine, not a vanity exercise in creating hyper artificial upper body mass. I think this is what author is referring to in above article – ie get of your arses young men and get fit enough to be able to defend yourself at physical level.

  • Maximus

    Friberg is a man of virtue. I feel honored to have him as a comrade.

  • Thomas Valentin

    A text worthy to be carved on a rune stone. Bona Fide.

  • SCS

    And stop tattooing yourselves! Tattoos do not show masculinity but immaturity.

    • Jane D

      Why? What if it’s tradition?

      • TLMW

        Ha. Then it’s obviously a bad one.

        • Jane D

          Rediculous. That’s just an opinion, you guys are way too sensitive.

          • Mo Doggie

            There is no word “Rediculous.”

          • True Nordic

            Oh, dear oh dear, english is not my first language, a misspelling indeed.

          • Mo Doggie

            ! oh i am sorry. i thought you must be American. The degraded English spreads by people copying what they see on internet.

      • SCS

        “Do not cut your body’s for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourself. I am the LORD”. Leviticus 19:28

        • True Nordic

          But you’re christian, I’m not. I’m an asatruer, a norse traditionalist. Tattoos is part of our tradition. Sorry (not).

          • TLMW

            Being backwards and blindly referring to tradition is as non-Nordic as it gets… It’s not part of our tradition 😉

          • True Nordic

            Lol! You obviously know very little. Have you studied our own culture way back, I’m not talking 100-200 yrs.

          • TLMW

            Someone who’s truly Nordic wouldn’t write something like that.

          • True Nordic

            You’re kidding, right? I understand you’re not into Asatru, but you have to respect that it’s my ways, and we are many asatruers. Vet du ens vad asatro är?

          • SCS

            I can respect you my friend as a person, especially since my genes are partially Nordic too. However, I cannot respect your religion or beliefs since they belong to the Devil and are his way to divert people from believing in YAHWEH, following Jesus Christ and belonging to the Catholic Church. We all used to be pagans but there is light and truth in this world and His name is Jesus Christ. “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

          • Mo Doggie

            This is why. i find it hard to be polite. It can be argued well that this Jew/Semite/Arab nonsense,this rubbish, was the beginning of the problems.

            Kindly refrain from pushing *your* BELIEF SYSTEM on others.
            JUST AS BAD AS ISLAM.
            Actually, overall, Christians push it MUCH MORE than muslims generally do.

          • SCS
  • Nick Kollerstrom

    I would have said that an essential step to becoming a real man, is detachment from the state’s religion – Holcaustianity. It is designed to break the spirit of European man, and create everlasting guilt, with a fairy story (from Hell) which never happened. Especially cultural Marxists are devoted to this religion. Forgive me for mentioning my book Breaking the Spell http://www.BreakingTheSpell.co.uk which helps everyone to talk about this topic.

    • SCS

      What’s breaking the spirit of European men is the fact that Europe is becoming secular and multicultural, especially its western part. Why is it that an average Croatian, Ukrainian, Polak and Russian generally speaking, is still an alpha male, a man’s man? They still have strong friendships, strong family ties, solidarity, communities of people that think the same way and where social fabric is strong. Where does that come from? From Christianity and from patriotism my friend!

      • Mo Doggie

        Nonsense! it does not come from Christianity. Apparently you have been missing the point all along. In case you didn’t bloody know, we humans have been here for millions of years. We were not monkeys, and your implication that “pagan” means something inferior, is false.

      • Mogura

        Yes they think they are, real macho men right, and that’s why most of them have an appalling view of women and womens rights. And you’re right again, much of it does come from Christianity! But, as you have already seen here, some of us are Nordic Pagans and that is not our way.

        • SCS

          Nordic Pagans, because of their focus on skin color and other relatively trivial matters, will eventually fail. We need to save our souls, not our skin color. I have nothing against white people. I am white myself and I think white people should preserve their race and ethnicity, but the way to that is through Jesus Christ. At the end of the age, Jesus will not judge you according to your skin color but according to the state of your soul. Brother, join the Catholic Church and fight a good fight with us for the preservation of traditional white Europe. In this way we’ll get help for our cause even from Christian Africans and Christian Arabs.

    • Mo Doggie

      Left-liberal-“bleeding-hearts”, who generally think themselves to be atheist, are the outcome of Christianity in the European/Germanic context. It is actually the new form of Christianity.

  • Preston Wigginton

    Don’t be scared of pussy. Remember women enjoy sex and if you , white men, don’t pleasure them they will go to others who will.

    • SCS

      Sex is not only about pleasure, but primarily about procreation. If we Westerners do not have children, others will do, and even with our women, sisters, daughters, friends…

  • Wayne

    Learn basic gentlemanly virtues

    Troll you are. Just say, be a cuck.

    • UncleAdolph

      Women are not the enemy, think of them as misguided children.

      Learning some manners and protective tendencies is fine. But only give it up to women worthy of receiving it, not every fucking blue haired whore on the internet.

  • YonLittleSwine

    You want muscles? Try doing meaningful hard outdoor physical labor every day. Over time, you will be pleased with how you look and you will probably feel really good – unless you have serious underlying health issues and have to struggle to do that work. So that should be further investigated.

    Plus, you will be very good at things that are meaningful. I’m a woman and I hope you don’t discount my opinion.

    • Mosley

      No you won’t. Get in the gym and lift weights, there’s very little substitute. I do very hard work lifting heavy items and then pulling pallets that can weigh 1.5 tons. This put on very little muscle and developed my strength only in a small way. Going to the gym and getting some good sleep and nutrition sorted will put size and strength on you.

      Don’t body-build. Strength, powerlifting or even calisthenics will do.