For years I’ve been complaining that low-wage workers in the United States are getting crushed by the continual disruption of the labor market that globalization and indiscriminate immigration wreak. For just as long, I’ve heard all those arguments shouted down as the bigotry of the unwashed.

Y’all in Europe might find it a challenge to accommodate all of your new friends right now, but there’s hope: on this side of the pond, the native-born American worker just scored a massive coup, I tell you what.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a bit of a hullaballoo when SunTrust Banks in Atlanta decided to take advantage of our government’s generous H-1B special occupational visa program. The H-1B visa is a great boon to the American economy, allowing companies to replace their spoiled, entitled, costly native-born skilled labor force with cheaper, more compliant computer programmers, IT assistants, and scientists from countries like India.

It’s not that Indian people are innately more charitable toward their great and benevolent employers than Americans, mind you; but people who are in the country on an H-1B visa can’t change jobs without risking deportation, so they have to shut up and take what they’re given. The ideal employee!

But that wasn’t what made the news; such abuses of the H-1B are becoming commonplace. Just as humdrum was the way SunTrust humiliated the American employees they were firing by making them train their own replacements.

But then SunTrust pushed their luck a bit too far.

Showcasing both their lack of esteem for the American employees’ years of service and their lack of confidence in their cheap new workers’ ability to hit the ground running, SunTrust stuck a “continuing cooperation” clause in the severance agreement.

If they wanted severance pay, the rejected workers had to agree to donate their own time to step in and provide emergency help if something went wrong—for NO ADDITIONAL PAY.

Let’s mull over what SunTrust was doing here. They didn’t want to continue paying for the level of expertise and familiarity with the system that their American workers had developed over years of service—but they weren’t above tacitly admitting that throwing away all that expertise was monumentally stupid, and they were getting what they paid for.

As one commenter remarked, a bank’s IT system takes so long to master that there was no way the new workers—particularly if their English skills were deficient on top of it—could handle a serious data-security situation without calling upon the folks they shoved out of a job to pull their asses out of the fire. But company officials figured they could get away with extracting the cost of their own cheapness and stupidity from their outgoing workers.

Apparently these brilliant managerial types forgot about the Internet. (This is why IT guys get the big bucks—or why they used to, anyway.) It also apparently failed to occur to them that being treated like chess pieces would piss the workers off—and others like them.

When Computerworld online got ahold of the story, the geek community blew up. Computerworld’s story painted SunTrust officials as entitled, ungrateful, and apparently convinced that no one would ever figure out what they were trying to get away with.

As the scandal spread, Computerworld continued to report on SunTrust’s lame attempts to make it sound like they weren’t trying to scam free labor: ‘The bank’s statement said any request for help will be a “rare occasion” and “infrequent,” but the cooperation clause as it currently stands offers no such assurance.’

In other words, the bank’s public relations cooed that this was just a courtesy, and no one would likely be forced to provide free labor—but the legal language in the actual document they were making people sign if they wanted a parachute gave the company the right to demand just that.

A few days after the Computerworld article, the company was finally shamed into doing the right thing: they removed the offending clause. Not that they seemed to agree it was offensive; as they sullenly put it: ‘”We understand that a clause in our severance agreement was misconstrued versus its use in actual practice, and therefore, we have removed it,” said a bank spokesman in an emailed statement.’

So, voila! A victory for American labor! The laid-off employees will enjoy a generous severance package of two weeks’ pay for every year of their lives that they pissed away at SunTrust—without having to help their replacements for free!

Sure, their jobs are still gone. Yes, when the severance pay dries up, they’ll face a market where every imaginary deficit in the labor supply can be filled with H-1Bs (though the H-1B visa is ostensibly there to fill in shortages of skilled labor, corporations are routinely allowed to abuse it while the government looks the other way). But at least they won’t be slave labor. EXCELSIOR!

Unfortunately, the bank and the workers are left with an expertise problem that cuts both ways. Now that SunTrust has been shamed into cutting their bullshit safety line—but not into rehiring their experienced staff—I would never in a million years let them handle my money. But they’re not as screwed as the American workers they left by the wayside.

If a system takes years to learn, then every year an IT guy spent working at SunTrust was time he could have spent acquiring expertise at a company that would have rewarded his loyalty (assuming such a company still exists). He wasn’t getting any younger while he was working for them, and most jobs these days are a young folks’ game. SunTrust is like a guy who dates a girl when she’s young and dumps her when she’s too old to find anyone who will stay.

But now that I’ve completely excised my tongue from my cheek, allow me to indulge in a bit of schadenfreude.

Heh, heh.

A lot of the IT workers I’ve known are lukewarm liberal types, who Think the Right Things politically and then go about their day—which usually consists of greasing the wheels for some evil corporation or government tentacle. Live and let live, I suppose. But I’ve heard more than one of these folks gloat about how those yahoo racists who are paranoid about the Messicans taking their jobs are simply being bitched by karma when precisely that happens. Should have gone to coding school, dumbass!

I understand. It’s sweet—imagine I said that in an Eric Cartman voice—to see the big dumb jocko homos who beat you up in high school get theirs.

But not all nerds grew up to be above the fray when it comes to having to compete with immigrant labor. Being a book geek who relied on manual labor gigs at the turn of the century was no walk in the park, believe me. Individually I seem to have landed on my feet—knock on wood. But if I were a young’un currently, I would be insane to try to learn any language that isn’t spoken by a computer.

And that’s assuming prudence would even help: as SunTrust illustrates, low-info yee-haws and bookish modern monks are no longer the only ones who have to kneel in the mud and watch as the people who’ve already got theirs pull the ladder up behind them.

For years I’ve been complaining that low-wage workers in the United States are getting crushed by the continual disruption of the labor market that globalization and indiscriminate immigration wreak. For just as long, I’ve heard all those arguments shouted down as the bigotry of the unwashed.

There are even artsy fuck-ups like comedian Doug Stanhope—who, despite taking stupid chances, miraculously makes a decent living in entertainment—with the nerve to gloat about how people who lose jobs to immigrants must somehow deserve it.

Yeah, Stanhope is talented, and usually pretty entertaining; but not every accomplished arteest gets a financial reward in any timely fashion—and isn’t it funny how progressives suddenly believe in bootstraps when it suits their issues? He argues that if a guy with no connections or English language skills can beat you out for a job, you should be too humiliated to even complain. Just starve to death, retard! Hilarious! I would be more amused by watching my cat lick its asshole for an hour than listening to this bit.

He means to insult poor white people; it’s his way of pawning off his share of the collective guilt, I suppose. He doesn’t seem to realize he’s calling a lot of black people worthless as well.

As Progressives for Immigration Reform (I love these guys—progressives who actually give half a damn about the people they say they care about; who knew?) explain in this video, connections are actually one of the main reasons immigrants are beating out native-born black people in the labor market. Once the foreman at a job site is an immigrant, he tends to hire his pals and neighbors. And due to positive stereotyping of immigrants and negative stereotyping of African-Americans, the former are more likely to get the foreman gig. It’s not like immigrants are moving here alone without a support system; like the rest of us, they have a preference for people they know.

For natives and immigrants alike, to watch a bottomless supply of job-seekers continually pour into the market is to watch employers get a better and better deal. You can’t hold out for higher wages when the company can simply shrug you off and bring in another truckload of migrants. Even the foreign-born who have been here for a while often see that the floodgates need to close eventually.

And now—despite having made all the right choices, despite their IT experience, despite their sincere desire to soullessly suck money from the system while having their progressive Facebook-post cake and eating it too— Americans who have the right skills for the right jobs are facing the same rigged labor market that everyone else has been dealing with for decades.

Kinda sucks, huh? Who’s the yahoo who can’t compete now?

Once they come for the stand-up comics, maybe we’ll finally close the borders and let the market stabilize for once.

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  • Edgardus de la Vega y Torres

    Well, it seems that European America is finally waking up to this problem.

    Look: this kind of economic disruption IS accelerating the overthrow of our European American culture (i.e. our people). Question: ought the reaffirmation of culture define the daily economy?

    In other words: an identity & regional economy ought to be in the conversation.

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  • 5n4k33y35

    This isn’t new. First Mexicans came and I had a difficult time getting the construction jobs, which was my only skill. Being a highschool dropout, I began with construction. Later I learned IT. H1B visa Indians have been stealing our jobs for many years already.

    Now I’m looking at going back to construction because the jews ruined every possible white collar workspace with their anti-discrimination and anti-free speech laws. It is too easy to get distracted online anyway. Construction is good work if you specialize in something the Mexicans aren’t doing.

    • Kyle Lyles

      “Construction is good work if you specialize in something the Mexicans aren’t doing.” like quality construction for example?

  • Laguna Beach Fogey


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  • Kudzu_Bob

    It’s like Leftism and Capitalism got together and had a Thalidomide flipper baby named Progress.

  • Mike Street Station

    The next debate, Trump ought to start throwing these examples out. Rubio has no protection against an H1-B attack.

    • Kyle Lyles

      Rubio is bad, but Trump is an OPT pimp which is just as bad. Trump speaks out of both sides of his mount, while his followers only listen to one side.

  • Kyle Lyles

    This have been going on for many years. Don’t forget the unlimited, Federally subsidized OPT program that is wiping out any hope for American citizen STEM graduates.

  • When I trained my three Indian replacements in India (at least I got a free trip to India out of it) I urged them, that if they valued my lessons whatsoever, to invest those lessons in a different company rather than working for the monstrosity which was my employer. To ensure that this was the case, I deliberately fed and withheld inappropriate and appropriate procedural instructions so as to ensure that the transition would be as rocky as possible. It was a small victory but better than nothing. Meanwhile, don’t blame me if your software manuals and phone support are incomprehensible today. As the customer, you don’t matter anyway. Only the top echelon of investors matter at all. Have a nice day.

    I’m seeing more and more third worlders making a go in the stand-up comedy market with infinitely more portable comedy than that espoused by Louis C.K. (who is the comic in the link–not Doug Stanhope). I’m not going to watch Louis C.K.’s new movie just for that.

    • 3rd Adam

      Caps my dear, now we know why the Silicon Valley people like fuckerberg loves the ocknods. F them all.

  • Hitler 2

    C’mon, c’mon, do it … do it, do it, do it, do it!

  • Alex

    The Marxist left and their liberal alliance with the large corporations in the USA are giving us some of the best recruiting we could possibly articulate or conceive of.

    As a programmer in the USA I’ve personally spent years working in offices that are almost entirely Indian on all levels: IT, management, development, QA, research and even sometimes marketing (white women working in HR seem to be the only exception to this general rule). White, generally male programmers, a highly intelligent and innovative demographic who have been awkwardly propping up the crumbling Western markets by repeatedly generating tech bubbles and inventing new technology are becoming very disillusioned and bitter towards a technology industry that treats us like toilet paper, disposable corporate assets which can be thrown away on a whim to make a quick buck by outsourcing our work through the H1B visa system.

    Add on top of this the fact that white men in scientific occupations I believe have a natural predisposition to gravitate towards the New Right in recent times because of their temperament and preference for logic and evidence (and the evidence is all around them, that they are a bitterly hated demographic which is being systematically phased out of technology in favor of East Asian/Indian workers). According to a new linguistic branch of pseudo-science from the cultural Marxists, this may be because white nerds from an earlier age and onward suffer from an affliction known as being “hyperwhite” (see the pretentious and ridiculous academic paper on this here:

  • Jeff Lawton

    It’s not just H-1B and OPT, there’s a whole spectrum of tech visas being abused out there. Michelle Malkin has done all of us a great service by documenting the extent of the abuse here:

    If you peruse this little tome you will find for example on page 257 the identity of the corporation that over the course of about 17 years poured over $100 MILLION into K street lobbying Congress for all these various forms of tech visas. Anyone want to try and guess the value of the number we’d have to multiply this by to get the amount of salary they planned to save with this scheme? Or that some of these “tech labor vendors” got into this field by branching out from their normal business of sex slavery – what the hell it’s all just discount labor isn’t it?

    Of course then we have to put up with our tax money being extracted from us at the point of a gun in order to fund “special STEM initiative programs” which are just sops to keep the members of the educational lobby (especially union bosses of course, and some of this money finds its way back into the campaign coffers of left-wing politicians) fat dumb and happy while their students suffer under the weight of six-digit student loans which in this country are almost impossible to discharge early even in bankruptcy, while they wait in vain for tech job openings which will never materialize in their lifetimes. Oh this must be nirvana for the left!