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Massive Christmas sale continues!

From now through 3 January, we are holding our massive Christmas sale. We have put nearly 350 items on sale in our Webshop. All items in our music section are on sale, most at a 50% or greater discount, all of our posters are on sale at a 50% discount, and ALL of Arktos’ own publications (except those published recently) are selling at a minimum of 20% off the cover price. Other items included in the sale are books by René Guénon, Kerry Bolton, and Frithjof Schuon, among many others. Please take advantage of these low prices while you can! Visit

New edition: Can Life Prevail?: A Radical Approach to the Environmental Crisis by Pentti Linkola 202 pages. Softcover: £12.50 (£16.95) 202 pages. Hardback: £19 (£25.95)

We have just reissued one of our most popular books in a new edition and with a new cover, and we have also put the hardback edition of it back into print. It is a collection of essays by the infamous radical environmentalist from Finland. Linkola’s interest is in the environmental crisis, but unlike most authors on the subject, he does not propose simple solutions such as recycling or electric cars. Rather, for Linkola, the root of the problem lies in the nature of modern civilisation itself, and only by a complete transformation of it can there be any hope for survival. Official Facebook page

Now available: Here and Now by Peter King 108 pages. £11

Antimodernism may be defined by what it is against, but the case for antimodernism can be stated positively. If modernism can be defined by its emphasis on change and transgression, antimodernism can be characterised as the love of home. This book presents a positive description of the antimodern. It does this not by looking backwards, but by focusing on what we have here and now and how we can live in the only world we have.

Featured product: The Indo-Europeans by Jean Haudry 165 pages. £4 (£10)

This book discusses the language, culture, racial, and geographical origins of the early Indo-Europeans, written by a scholar of the European New Right. A noted Indologist and Sanskrit scholar, he was a prominent member of Alain de Benoist’s GRECE in the 1970s as well as the Front National. Today he works with the Terre et Peuple group of Pierre Vial, of which Guillaume Faye is also a participant. This is also part of our Christmas sale.

Upcoming titles

In the near future we will be publishing several exciting new titles, including:

Die Rückkehr der echten Rechten: Handbuch für die wahre Opposition, a German-language edition of Daniel Friberg’s bestseller, The Real Right Returns;

Incidents of Travel in Latin America, a travel diary of a Swede’s sojourn in South America by Lars Holger Holm;

The Indo-Europeans, a work on the nature of Indo-European civilisation by Alain de Benoist;

How to be a Conservative, a Swedish-language translation of the recent book by the famed English conservative philosopher Roger Scruton;

Prometheus and Atlas, a study of the role of the paranormal in the founding of the rationalist worldview and a challenge to the materialist conception of reality by Dr Jason Jorjani.

There will be other new publications as well. Follow our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news!

Notable reviews

Our books continue to attract reviews from many different sources. Here are a few particularly interesting recent ones.

Review of Dominique Venner’s The Shock of History by Jared Taylor at American Renaissance

“Venner had two great advantages as a historian: He did not just study history, he participated in it. He was also among the tiny handful of intellectuals who understood tribe, nation, and race, and who grasped the horror that Europe is inflicting on itself. Venner’s experience and insight shine through every page of The Shock of History.” (Read more)

Review of Daniel Friberg’s The Real Right Returns by Ann Sterzinger at Counter-Currents

“This is one of the most well-moderated, least ideologically shrill books I’ve read about politics. Though it is charming, with a clear and wry wit, there’s precious little of the Messianic; in fact, it works hard to debunk the more mystical facets of contemporary politics—including White exceptionalism—in favor of common sense and paying attention to the facts on the ground…There’s a gem of observation on nearly every page… Friberg offers a prescription for a healthy and vital Right.”(Read more)

Here and Now: Some Thoughts about the World and How We Find It

The world in which we live is all that we have. We may find that there is much wrong with that world and we may look back to better times. This may cause us to dwell on what has been lost and this might make us angry and desperate for change. But we only have […]

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Can Life Prevail?

With the train of civilization hurtling at ever-increasing speed towards self-destruction, the most pressing question facing humanity in the 21st century is that of the preservation of life itself. Can Life Prevail? provides a radical yet firmly grounded perspective on the ecological problems threatening both the biosphere and human culture. With essays covering topics as […]

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The Real Right Returns

The Right is coming back. After decades of humiliation and political failures, the opposition is reorganising, catching up with the times, and getting itself in order. It is none too soon. Europe faces numerous challenges, challenges which the entrenched, incompetent elites of politics, academia, and the mass media are unable and unwilling to confront. Uncontrolled […]

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The Shock of History: Religion, Memory, Identity

The shock of history: we live it, neither knowing or comprehending it. France, Europe, and the world have entered into a new era of thought, attitudes, and powers. This shock of history makes clear the fact that there is no such thing as an insurmountable destiny. The time will come for Europe to awaken, to […]

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