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The full video of Markus Andersson's speech at Identitarian Ideas: “Varför är konsten så konstig?” / “On Modern Art”. (With English subtitles)

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Hiding in Broad Daylight: An Analysis of the Political Radicalisation and Commercialisation of Artistic Modernism

Artistic modernism. To most of us it would seem a separate universe with its own esoteric intention and logic. What Lars Holger Holm shows in this essay, however, is how intimately the development of various modern artistic idioms, and their theoretical underpinnings, have been linked to concomitant social revolutions and to the highly politicised, theoretical, […]

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  • EssGee11

    Thank you Markus for this presentation. I am hoping to find an English subtitled version of your longer presentation. As owners of an art gallery in rural Australia, we decided the way forward was to stick with classical arts exclusively and ban all abstract & digital works (which are everywhere anyway). I often explain to visitors how we are not fans of establishment art and talk about the degeneration of arts skills & concepts in general. It is surprising & heartening to hear how many agree with us! The masses can have their “junk food”, but there does seem to be a traditional arts counter-culture picking up pace. Viva la classical arts!

  • For those of you who speak Swedish, here’s the Freedomfest video Markus mentions: https://youtu.be/hjxTL2-bfYQ

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  • Modern art as a “sabotage operation.” In the past I’ve regarded it as little more than the refuse of a decadent civilization, but the revelation of CIA connections and it’s contemporary usages do suggest more.