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Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and the Soft Bigotry of Political Correctness

Anyone who doubts Donald Trump's staying power—or the rottenness of GOP establishment cucks like Marco Rubio—need only attend their rallies. To paraphrase a line about Mitchell Hepburn, Trump commands affection where others obtain only respect.

20160123_131441I knew I was going to have my mind blown by attending a Donald Trump rally, but I wasn’t expecting it to be blown clean out of my ears. Seeing the Donald speak in person burned out my remaining vestiges of Trump Derangement Syndrome like it was ideological chemotherapy. Following him up with a Marco Rubio town hall only reinforced the notion that the Trump Train is headed all the way to the station.

The plan for my second day of reporting on the presidential campaign in Iowa was to swing by Trump’s rally at Central College in Pella, a city of 10,000 about an hour southeast of Des Moines. After taking in the Donald’s bloviating, I would make the two-hour sojourn to Waterloo, where Trump’s former frenemy—now just plain enemy—Ted Cruz was appearing at a rally led by dry-drunk Mormon loonyboy Glenn Beck. It would be the perfect write-up: documenting the end of the most nauseating public bromance since Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness went bowling.

Unfortunately, Trump was an hour late to his own rally, and by the time he’d finished inspiring us to make America great again, my window for getting to Waterloo on time was gone. Instead, I moseyed over to nearby Indianola, where cuckservative Ken doll Marco Rubio was scheduled to induce narcolepsy in college kids.

I rolled into Pella at a quarter to noon, with 45 minutes before the doors opened (and nearly three hours before Trump himself was to speak). There was already a line of several hundred people in front of the auditorium, with national news crews on the scene and merchandise vendors set up across the street. After parking my car, I strolled over to a mustachioed redneck offering buttons with tasteful slogans like “Bomb the Shit Out of ISIS” and “Hot Chicks for Trump.”

“Hey, you know why Trump is speaking in Pella?” the redneck asked me.

“No,” I played dumb.

“It’s ’cause he’s here to make a deal with Pella Windows. He buys Pella windows for the Trump Towers, and he’s doing a rally here because he was gonna be here anyway. At least that’s the rumor.” He seemed proud of himself for knowing this. “So this whole rally is just one big tax write-off for him.”

“Wow, that’s pretty smart.”

“No shit! That’s why he’s the billionaire and we’re the thousandaires!”

I said thanks and walked off. After turning down a Black guy who was selling “Make America Great Again” beanies, I assumed my place in line with the other faithful. As expected, the queue began moving at 12:30, with more congregants sidling up behind me; by the time I was near the doors, the line had extended all the way around the block and out of sight. I eyeballed at least 2,000 people, most likely more.

It was at this point that a gangly, twentyish volunteer cut me off.

“Sorry, sir, fire marshall says you gotta wait,” he stated. “Auditorium’s nearing capacity. If we can’t fit you in, we’ll put you in the overflow building.” He gestured to the brick structure off to the right.

“Oh, okay,” I replied, noticing a Barry Goldwater campaign button on his lapel. “By the way, nice button.”

“Thanks.” He grabbed his lapel, showing it off. “‘In your heart, you know he’s right.'”

It was my lucky day: after ten more minutes of freezing in the snow, I was allowed into the main building. After passing through Trump’s Secret Service detail, I made it upstairs and into the auditorium, where I got even luckier with a seat near the front. As I threw my coat down and pulled out my portable phone charger, the retiree next to me asked if I was “media.”

“Sort of,” I demurred. “I’m documenting this for posterity.”

“Oh, so you’re a groupie?” he joked.

I laughed.

“Nah, nah, it’s okay. I’ve been to three of Trump’s rallies so far.” He beamed. “I love hearing him speak. That lady over there?” He pointed to a middle-aged brunette wearing a Trump volunteer badge. “That’s Janice. I know all the volunteers on a first-name basis.”

Our conversation sort of faded out as I visually scanned the crowd. The auditorium was packed to capacity, the crowd a healthy mix of young and old Whites. There were even a few fuzzy-bearded hipsters a couple rows away.

Donald Trump himself didn’t arrive until 3:30; he was introduced by Senator Chuck Grassley (whose speech I recorded here), as well as a pastor who led us in prayer. I don’t need to describe the reaction Trump got when he strode on stage, because you can see it for yourself: I managed to record a full half-hour of his speech. Watch it below:

In a hour, Trump took on National Review‘s broadside against him (saying “nobody reads it anymore”), mocked Ted Cruz for being slow to attack him, offered a reasonable defense of his views on eminent domain, and more. The ladies next to me discussed asking him to autograph our “Make America Great Again” signs while the crowd hung on the Donald’s every word.

Seeing Trump in person made me realize the depressingly simple secret to his success: he’s the only politician in America who doesn’t condescend to his supporters.

Yes, Trump is successful because of his uncanny skills as a rhetorician. Yes, he’s successful because he advocates for positions that the political establishment despises but normal Americans support. Trump is also successful, however, because he doesn’t insult his fans’ intelligence. He doesn’t pretend to be a Joe Six-Pack clearing brush around his Texas ranch, nor does he spout blatant falsehoods in the name of being “civil”: he allows people to acknowledge the reality they see with their own eyes.

The worst unstated effect of political correctness is that it causes people to doubt their instincts and feel stupid. Denying the reality that Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime, that women are physically weaker than men, or that turning your pole into a hole doesn’t make you into a woman requires a colossal amount of doublethink. Living a continuous lie degrades a man mentally, physically, and spiritually. In speaking plainly, Donald Trump treats his supporters with a respect that few other public figures can manage.

By contrast, the Marco Rubio town hall I attended that evening had the atmosphere of a euthanasia party. Beyond drawing only a fraction of Trump’s supporters—I’d be shocked if there were more than 200 people at that town hall—Rubio’s speech was so mechanical that I started looking around at one point to see where he’d stashed the teleprompters. I recorded the first twenty minutes of the town hall, and you can watch it below:

Rubio’s speech consisted of CPAC talking points that were already stale before Obama got elected the first time, and the crowd wasn’t buying what he was selling. Beyond the depressing demographics—it was all atherosclerosis-afflicted retirees, with a smattering of bored College Republicans—the audience was so fatigued, I was wondering if the Rubio campaign was handing out free Quaaludes. The crowd’s applause was lazy, their laughs were forced (though when you’re as unfunny as Marco Rubio, that’s understandable), and their attention was divided.

Donald Trump is such an inspiring figure that his supporters not only gave him a standing ovation when he entered stage left, he had to ask them to sit down. Rubio’s audience could barely be bothered to mug for selfies with him at the end. Yet as Trump himself pointed out in his speech—to approving cheers—the press continues to bury the huge numbers of supporters his rallies attract, while simultaneously pretending that Rubio has enough support to fill a Cheech & Chong reunion show.

I still need to pay the Ted Cruz campaign a visit—as well as seeing what the Democrats are up to—but I’m going to go out on a limb and state that Donald Trump is going to win Iowa. He’s the only GOP candidate with the charisma and courage to win back the Whites who form the bedrock of this nation.

America doesn’t deserve Donald Trump, but we lucked out and got him anyway.

All photos by Matt Forney.

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Matt Forney is a Chicago-based author and journalist. He blogs at and is the author of several books, including Confessions of an Online Hustler. Matt's work has also been featured at Return of Kings, Taki's Magazine, Alternative Right and many other sites, and he also served as the editor of Reaxxion, a gaming website for men.

  • teapartydoc

    The key to future electoral success:
    “That no man, or set of men, are entitled to any separate or exclusive emoluments or privileges from the community.”– Virginia Declaration of Rights.
    I think Trump gets it.

  • Great coverage. To my knowledge, Matt is the only reporter who is attending rallies for different candidates to be able to get a sense for the crowd’s reaction.

    I wonder how many Iowa voters are going to be swayed by allegations that Trump is not a True Conservative.

    • evilwhitemalempire

      Don’t see how Trump is any less a true conservative than any of the establishment.
      I DO know that Trump was the first to start telling it like it is.
      Cruz didn’t start doing this until after he saw the effect it had.

      • Agree. It looks like all the attacks on Trump from National Review are not working–Trump’s polls are up.

  • Flashback0

    You’re a bigot. I’m not saying this with anger. I know you don’t know you’re a bigot. But you are. I don’t have time for political correctness myself. But civility is important. You’d have a world with people just screaming insults and obscenities at each other without it. We’re almost at that point already. Sad to see so much support for a man who encourages people to abandon civility.

    • evilwhitemalempire

      “Civility is important. You’d have a world with people just screaming insults and obscenities at each other without it.”

      I like how you shitlibs talk about civility when you see that your side is losing.

      • Flashback0

        What’s your point? That woman’s behavior was atrocious. Exactly what I’m talking about. Along with you calling people “shitlibs”.

        • James Rustles

          You call others bigots, but do you even know what that word means? Are you as tolerant of other people’s views as you want them to be of yours? I seriously doubt it. I listen to others, but I believe the way I do because my way has been proven to me to be the best way to live my life. If I find a better way, I will adjust accordingly. Truth be known, we have about as much time for civility as we do for political correctness. We’re tired of the leftist bullshit and we’re ready for people to be responsible for themselves again, not dependent on the government to take care of them.

          Live and let live. Don’t burden me and I won’t burden you. Ask me to give and I will if it’s a cause I believe in. Take from me at the point of a gun to give to a cause I disagree with and you’ve got a fight on your hands, which is where we’re at as a country right now. You’ve overstepped and America is going to push you back on your ass in November. Get used to it because we’ve had several decades to build this animosity resentment to where it’s at right now.

          • Flashback0

            A bigot judges people negatively based on what group they belong. A bigot doesn’t think people who are from a different ethnic, religious, gender or sexual orientation group are the same as them. There are white bigots, black bigots, Asian bigots. There are conservative bigots and liberal bigots. I call out bigotry whenever I encounter it because I think it’s the greatest obstacle to real human progress. People who support Donald Trump seem to like the idea of having a president that is just going to be for them while alienating the people who don’t think like them, which is a good portion of America and the vast majority of the world. I don’t believe someone like this can win a general election. But if he does and he governs like he behaves on the campaign trail now he’ll set America back. Americans move forward together or they don’t move forward at all.

          • evilwhitemalempire

            “People who support Donald Trump seem to like the idea of having a president that is just going to be for them-”
            Well, um… yeah. That’s kinda the idea of a democracy.
            “-while alienating the people who don’t think like them, which is a good portion of America and the vast majority of the world.”
            A good portion of America eh?
            You mean those latte swirling, hipster, faggots (like you most likely) built like pipe cleaners that regard feminism as an anti-male grenade to lob at better men? Tall men with broad shoulders? Men that women actually want to fuck and not just use as emotional tampons or walking ATMs?
            As for the rest of the world if you’re referring to the religion of piece (a piece of you here, a piece of you there) those 6th century camel jockeys and their pedophile prophet can go to where there are no virgins.
            You think WE’RE intolerant bigots?
            Jeeezus you fucks!

          • Flashback0

            Every line of this response proves my point. Calling people “faggots”. Assuming negative things about me even though you don’t know me. Islam is bad and not just a religion going through a problem that all religions have faced at some point in their history.

          • Lawrence

            “Islam is bad” You are just hurling insults against brown people now?!
            You are a racist, islamophobic bigot! I just had to call you out on that! And dont start bringing arguments in, because you are officially categorized as a bigot now, and bigots should be shunned and silenced. If people like you dont develop to my higher stage of consciousness, humanity wont evolve!

          • Flashback0

            I’m an independent thinker. I don’t blindly support the right or the left. Both sides lie and exaggerate. Both sides are dividing and harming America.

          • Lawrence

            You are superior to both.. Wow, just wow. You must truly be awesome 😉

          • MWAC

            But America has divisions. You can’t just paint over our natural, and in many cases intractable, differences with some “can’t we all just get along” blather.
            Different people will always have competing interests.

          • A bigot doesn’t think people who are from a different ethnic, religious, gender or sexual orientation group are the same as them.

            So only bigots aren’t retarded, and everyone who isn’t a bigot is retarded? Thanks for the clarification, retard.

            Seriously, look at what you just said, you dumb queer: A bigot doesn’t think people who are different are the same. Whereas presumably non-bigots think people who are different are the same. That is wrong by definition. Different things are different. Different things are not the same. You are an idiot. End your life immediately.

          • Flashback0

            You have a point in your mean way. I’m not sure how to say it differently. All human beings are fundamentally the same, with the same hopes, dreams, desires and feelings. They would react the same in the same circumstances. No group is “better” than the other.

          • Lawrence

            ” All human beings are fundamentally the same, with the same hopes, dreams, desires and feelings.”

            This bull is what is endangering white civilization, this ignorant mindset, build entirely on false assumptions. I´ve lived around “the other”. They dont want the same, muslims dont want you tiring air-castles – they have your own, and as a fact: more and more white europeans dont even want it any longer. Its as solid as what the roman gods were the years leading up to Constantine the Great flushing them out in favour of Cristianity. As solid as the Berlin wall was 8. november 1989. Get real or get flushed, history wont mind and me neither.

          • Emblematic

            Better? It depends what you’re measuring doesn’t it.

          • All human beings are fundamentally the same, with the same hopes, dreams, desires and feelings.


            They would react the same in the same circumstances.


            No group is “better” than the other.


            You really need to read this:

          • Flashback0

            That post is very long and rambling. Perhaps you can direct me to the parts that disprove what I said.

          • Pearls before swine. Just kill yourself.

          • Flashback0

            How old are you?

          • Old enough to know the definition of “different” and “the same,” retard.

          • “A bigot judges people negatively based on what group they belong.”

            That’s pretty much the entire population of the world. Generalizations are made for all sorts of reasons on a daily basis by people, some valid, some not.

            “A bigot doesn’t think people who are from a different ethnic, religious, gender or sexual orientation group are the same as them. ”

            I don’t understand how that makes someone a bigot.

            I’m not the same as an African muslim. I’m not the same as a transsexual Hindu otheekin in a wheelchair.

          • Flashback0

            The mean guy Adam has a point. I should have explained this better. I meant under the physical we’re the same. As an example, some straight folks think that gay men don’t long for love, family and commitment. They only want sex. This is not true of course.

          • MWAC

            If they long for true love, family, and commitment; then the whole dick in the ass thing is not the most productive way to get there.
            Oh wait, you probably support gay “marriage” and gay parents adopting children. So I would ask you, why do you support child abuse? Sick freak.

          • MWAC

            I like that you pointed out what you believe to be a great obstacle to “human progress”.
            I disagree however.
            There will never be a universal progress. To the victor, will always go the spoils.
            If that group includes every single person with US citizenship, then it is a group that will never have any meaningful amount of unity. What do they all have in common? Walmart? Television? They certainly don’t share a heritage and history.
            I look to Japan for an instructive example. Japan doesn’t give away citizenship lightly. In Japan, the Nation is supported by the state. In America, the state is at war with the historic American nations. Just my opinion.

          • Flashback0

            So you don’t think Americans of different backgrounds have a lot it common? I disagree. I think I’m in a position to disagree. There’s a lot of distrust between the ethnic groups so they don’t try to really get to know each other. Because I don’t have that distrust I hang out with all kinds of people while keeping an open mind. That’s why I think people are fundamentally the same. Even if we aren’t, it’s still important that we find ways to get along. That “victor” way of think is from Imperial times. What did that accomplish for human kind? We go further when we cooperate, when more heads come together to solve problems and invent things. I think globalization has been better for America and the rest of the world than the way things were in previous eras.

    • You’re a bigot. I’m not saying this with anger. I know you don’t know you’re a bigot. But you are. I don’t have time for political correctness myself. But civility is important. You’d have a world with people just screaming insults and obscenities at each other without it. We’re almost at that point already. Sad to see so much support for a man who encourages people to abandon civility.

      Literally kill yourself you unbelievable faggot.

      • Lawrence

        Ha ha, yeah: “But civility is important. You’d have a world with people just screaming insults and obscenities at each other without it..”

        Comes from the guy who started out with insulting others as bigots! Priceless..

        • Flashback0

          Well you are, you know. As I said, I don’t mean to sound angry or be insulting. Once you think you belong to a group that is better than other groups, you’re a bigot. That’s just a simple fact.

          • Lawrence

            You are the one who thinks he is superior morally and intellectually to both sides, an “independent thinker”. You dont even see your own smugness in that claim? We rightists are not independent thinkers, like you, right? Great independent thinking there. You and your unconscious white supremacist belief that all other peoples are aspiring to adopt white culture, is like the self-absorbed supremacist tibetan buddhist, assuring his peers that all those chinese swarming into their nation really are empty little jarheads, coming there because they aspire to become great tibetan buddhist just like the tibetans. Believe it or not, identity matters to brown people as much as to white people. Often much more so…

          • Flashback0

            I’m a black woman. I didn’t want to admit this because I felt it would make you stop talking to me. It disturbs me when black people say bigoted things about white people. I never let them get away with it. When women say stupid things about men I call them out on it. I don’t like how Black Lives Matter and some liberals try to turn people against police officers and stir up racial animosity. I sincerely believe that these type of attitudes hold back the human race. I don’t do it to feel superior. I don’t feel superior. I grew up in a ghetto.

          • Pulseguy

            Of course we won’t stop talking to you because you’re a black woman! Please. Do you realize how few white people care about anything like that? I personally don’t know any racists. NONE. No one I know even knows a white racist (if they’re under the age of 80), and I know this because I spent three years asking everyone I met ‘Do you know any racists?’. Not one said they did. NONE!

            But, I do know people who are profoundly irritated by Blacktivism. Lots. They’re not racists. But, they don’t agree with the politics.

          • Flashback0

            I feel the exact opposite. Most of the people I encounter are racist or bigoted in some other way. I mean people of all races – black, white, Asian etc. I’m often stunned by some of the things black people say to me about whites and Asians. The annoying thing is they feel they are entitled to be bigoted because of what black people have suffered in the past. It’s my view that people are born inclined to be bigoted. To not be bigoted you have to acknowledge this fact and work on it.

          • MWAC

            That literally encompasses every single psychologically normal person on the planet. For the most part, it includes the elitist ideologues and social signaling types of the “all cultures are same, bigot!” camp. So I want to ask you, what final solution do you have in mind, to take care of the roughly seven or so billion people who fall into your “bigot” construct?

          • Flashback0

            I actually try not to use the words “bigot” and “racist” because it is very divisive. I was just struck by some of the things the author said in the post that I thought was very divisive as well. I didn’t expect to get in an argument with all you guys. :/

          • Pulseguy

            No worries. I actually think you’re a good hearted person. But, I do believe you haven’t thought these things through well enough. (And, a couple of the guys seem a little nasty.)

          • Pulseguy

            That isn’t exactly what is happening. You can like your groups morals and values more than any other groups morals and values. You can like keeping your country having the same morals and values you agree with. You can say there are troublesome issues in Islam that you don’t want imported.

            None of that is bigoted. That is simply someone’s opinion.

            I don’t think older men should be allowed to marry 9 year old girls. I really don’t. I think that is reprehensible. I really do. I don’t think those in one group who believe women from other groups can be raped at will, because they are halal, should be welcomed into our society.

            The problem is when about 1/3 of the group in question believe that, then what do you do with the other 2/3? And, how do you tell them apart?

            I read an online discussion on The Root. A black writer said he could not get a cab one night despite many empty cabs driving by, because no one picks up a black man in certain neighborhoods in Washington DC. He charged racism. A few cabdrivers weighed in – and they were black. They said they don’t pick up black men from certain neighborhoods because the incidence of black men robbing, and even killing, cab drivers was too high. It wasn’t worth the risk. They all acknowledged it was a smallish percentage, but one time makes it not worth the risk ever. As one black cabbie put it, ‘no white guy in a suit and carrying a briefcase has ever mugged me, or anyone I know, so I only pick up those guys’.

            Is it bigoted to not pick up black men from certain neighborhoods? A serious question? And, while technically I think it would fall into that category, then the next question is, is it reasonable to not do so? Would it be reasonable to say ‘I am not a bigot. I pick up everybody.’? And, if you were mugged, would you continue? Does that make you a bigot?

          • Flashback0

            I actually don’t have a problem with profiling per se (which is what the drivers are doing). But I can’t justify them not picking up black guys with suits and briefcases. Has they been robbed by black guys like that? With regard to Muslims I actually agree with what Ben Carson said at one of the more recent debates. You can come to America if you want to adopt American values. If you want to oppress women and marry little girls you’re not welcome. There are moderate Muslims who don’t agree with these practices and what to escape their countries.

    • Emblematic

      Using a word like ‘bigot’ in seriousness as if it actually means something is just like using words such as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ as if they mean something. It instantly identifies you as a clueless shit-eater.

    • Pulseguy

      Thank you O Wise One for your kind benevolence. Forgive them Flashback for he knows not what he is.

      ummmm……Is being uncivil bigoted? Just checking. And, what is more valuable, if you had to choose, civility or honesty? If Trump appears to be the only one who is actually willing to tackle the big issues of our day does that make him worse than someone who is willing to talk about how serious an issue is, then pander to all sides for 8 years?

      • Flashback0

        You can be honest and civil at the same time. Why do you think otherwise? The problem with a lack of civility is that it shuts down conversation. It’s divisive. Why is it good for people to be throwing insults at each other?

        • Pulseguy

          Flash…you were uncivil, and you don’t seem to know it. You called someone a bigot, which is something you don’t know about the person. Then, you said, in essence, he is too stupid to know this about himself.

          When you insult someone twice in the first sentence you are being uncivil and shutting down conversation. You write with a quiet demeanor, but what you write is inflammatory.

          Argue the point. Don’t insult the person. Or, do insult the person, but at least acknowledge that is what you are doing, and you weren’t trying to talk to the person.

          • Flashback0

            What is your definition of a bigot? I’m curious. I used to have bigoted ideas myself. You have to first recognize them in order to work on them.

          • Pulseguy

            Off the top of my head….when one has an unreasonable belief or opinion based on poorly conceived ideas and then that belief or opinion is blanketed over individuals in entire groups without any evidence that is being fair to the individual being tarnished.

            Therefore, thinking ‘Uh oh, I’m walking down a dark street and five young black males stepped out of an alley and are walking behind me. What is their intent?’, is not bigoted. The person is acknowledging, by not running and screaming, there is a chance these people may be perfectly fine, but there is a chance they aren’t. Saying ‘I hate all Muslims, they all want to rape Christians’, is bigoted. They don’t all want to. Saying, ‘I don’t see why we allow immigration from Muslim countries. Too many have some, to me, terrible beliefs. I can’t tell the reasonable ones from the ones I consider bad, therefore I don’t want them in the country’, might or might not be reasonable. But, it isn’t bigoted.

            Best I can do on short notice.

          • Pulseguy

            PS…your comment you didn’t want someone to know you were a black woman because you assumed the person would stop talking to you, could very well be bigoted. I don’t know what you were thinking to make that statement. But, many making that statement could be bigots.

            1. Do you have any reasonable experience saying people will stop interacting with you once they know you are a black woman? Any at all?

            2. Was there something in Lawrence’s behavior that suggested he would do this? Anything? Other than he is sort of rude?

  • Lawrence

    You can Stump the Trump. Greatest thing about this video is that Trump retweeted it himself:

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  • sth_txs

    As a Ron Paul Republican, I did not bother to vote the libtard Mormon or
    Bush II. Not like Team R has done anything they ever campaign on
    ever. Bush II ran on a limited military intervention platform-conned
    on that. Taxes? Don’t make me laugh. Which government agency has ever
    been abolished or heavily limited repealing some of their authority
    under a Team R congress? I’m still waiting for the abolition of the
    Department of Education. Where has government ever been limited under
    Republican watch? Gun rights? Milquetoast compromisers all the time
    on that issue and many others. Abortion? Team R has been all talk for
    you those who care about that issue.

    Cruz and Rubio are douchebags. If Trump did nothing else but kick
    the illegals out and encourage some controls on legal immigration,
    the country would be better off. He is stupid on single payer health
    system and ethanol subsidies, but those are Republican talking points
    anyway. Team R in Congress along with Bush II expanded Medicare
    benefits about a decade ago. Good thing John Roberts was appointed to
    the SC; lots of help there on ‘conservative’ causes. Hey, we better
    vote ‘conservative’. Pull your head out of your butts people!

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  • Tsk

    Gosh, you use a lot of slang, and it’s only slightly dated. You must be cool.

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  • MrSwingGuitar

    He doesn’t “talk down” to his audience, he just lies wholesale. And, the most bizarre thing is that I think he believes that his saying something makes it true. This is borderline psychotic behavior.

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  • Sugarlarry

    “I knew I was going to have my mind blown by attending a Donald Trump rally, but I wasn’t expecting it to be blown clean out of my ears.”

    At least the ear holes were the right size to make passage easier.

  • Sugarlarry

    “The auditorium was packed to capacity, the crowd a healthy mix of young and old Whites.”

    Just like America. Oh wait.

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