Right On Radio: Episode 1, with Daniel Friberg, John Morgan, Matt Forney and Jonas de Geer.

IMG_20160216_015528Right On Radio aims to be a weekly, one-hour podcast, with at least one special guest per week.

The topic of today’s program is the American Presidential Election. For that purpose, joining us tonight we have Matt Forney, American author and political commentator, who has done a lot of on-the-ground live reporting from Iowa caucus for several sites, including RightOn.net. Joining us as well, we have Swedish journalist and political analyst, Baron Jonas de Geer, who has for well over a decade now been a famous profile within the Swedish Alternative Right.

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  • Samuel_Nock

    Matt is right on the money on identifying that Trump and Sanders are resonating with people for many of the same reasons. I further agree with him that it is more of a “sympathy” with his supporters who are correct for emotional reasons. But I shudder to actually imagine the man governing.

    • I agree completely.

      • Samuel_Nock

        Thanks, Daniel. Your book is high on my reading list.

        I could have been clearer above. My point is that _Sanders_ connection with voters at an emotional level is understandable: on trade, wages, working class issues, he is connecting for many of the same reasons as Trump. But his complete lack of any real world experience means he would be a disaster as a president.

        • Dillon Francis

          Not to mention that he is even more socially liberal than barak.
          He’s a typical trotskyite.

  • 3RD LT Rico

    How do I download the mp3?
    Am I not looking in the right place?

  • It is both amusing and seriously embarrassing listening to people on right drinking the Trump kool aid just as desperately as left did with Obama.

    I am voting for Trump for the sheer entertainment value, but this guy is a half-baked salesman, an idiotic media celebrity with ZERO governing experience, and to anyone with a hermetic background, an absolutely a sinister avatar of the spectacle.

    Until Trump has removed Cruz from the race and consolidated his voters, this isn’t anywhere near over. Cruz has the money and the ground game to keep going for a long time.

    • John Morgan

      Daniel is very enthusiastic about Trump, but I thought Matt and I were quite reserved in our discussion of Trump. Jonas was quite hostile. As I said during the podcast, if I were to vote for Trump (well, chances are I won’t be voting at all), it would only be because he’s the least bad option, not because I think he’s a good candidate. But show me which candidate in the current field is a good candidate. I also pointed out his lack of a record in my discussion.

      • Don’t get me wrong; I love Trump. Watching him do the Godzilla all over the Republican Party and the Bush vermin is pure popcorn. And if you really want to give the nuclear suitcase to the reality television spectacle, sure why not…what could possibly go wrong? But if we are going to ride the tiger of insane post-modern celebrity-identity politics, we need stay off the Kool aid, okay? You have no idea what he is conjuring up.

        What is potentially destructive about Trump as a role model to the new right is that he is pure entertainment politics, a conservative type of disposable radicalism, and thus a species of consumerism. Real politics take time and work, and most of it is boring and unpleasant. Real radicalism pays in the coin of ruined careers, wrecked marriages, prison sentences, and dirt naps in unmarked graves. Fun is not really in the job description. The culture of instant gratification and infantile emotionalism is absolutely the wrong orientation for building a real movement. See the disasters of Occupy for the long term results of this mentality. Our path has to be in the other direction.

        What is most interesting about Bernie Sanders is how phenomenally well organized his campaign is, and that he is pushing nothing but real politics. This is a complete transformation from the empty celebrity politics of Obama and the equally empty protest leftism of Occupy. Furthermore he is bringing radically anti-liberal politics into the center of the Democratic party in order to build a real movement around them. A Sanders faction of the party that is heavily aligned with labor will fight for a nationalist economic policy without using that word. Even if the Hillary-Borg manages to steal the nomination, Sanders can cause all kinds of trouble at the convention.

        Now that you have had Lena Dunham, do you understand that Jimmy Hoffa wasn’t so bad? Bernie Sanders is pure old left labor politics, the kind that built fighting unions, not identity politics or cultural Marxism. If real politics actually break out in the Democratic Party who knows what happens, but the politics of Obama and Clinton will be displaced. All of this is a product of the breakdown of the neoliberal domination of the Democratic Party, an earthquake that is polarizing along generational lines. This is absolutely a good thing.

        So whatever happens this election cycle is a mad post-modern funeral dirge for the house of Bush, the house of Clinton, and the neoliberal economic consensus in both parties, a collapse long overdue and much awaited. It may also be the crisis that provokes the long awaited break down of the political order in the United States. For that Trump is our greatest hope. If he is who I think he is, well, you get the radical subject you deserve America…

        Who knew the Kali Yuga was going to be this much fun?

  • Greve Hans

    This article dissolves any hope you may have in Trump:

    Don’t trust him. At best he’s an ”English capitalist”, at worst he’s a more charismatic puppet that gives false hope (or rather, most likely).

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