The topic of today's program is Sweden – the World Capital of Cultural Marxism. To discuss this topic, joining us today we have two Swedish guests.

The topic of today’s program is Sweden – the World Capital of Cultural Marxism. To discuss this topic, joining us today we have two guests: Ingrid Carlqvist, famous Swedish author, journalist and writer, and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. We also have Conrad, who is a former left-winger and “anti-racist”, who 5 years ago made a political u-turn and is now co-hosting a popular Swedish podcast focusing on the issues of immigration.

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  • Ragnar Blåskägg

    Right on radio has quickly become my new favorite podcast. Keep up the good work!

    • John Morgan

      Thank you! There’s plenty more where these came from.

  • Korsträsk

    Yeah RightOn Radio is already a great podcast with an attitude that, like this episode, instills fighting spirit rather than defeatism (which is a risk to take into consideration when treating the subject of the serious situation of our continent) in the listeners. Its also a good point that Sweden is useful as a warning example to get the message across to Eastern Europe and others, to not give an inch to the cultural marxists.

  • Korsträsk

    On the question of how Sweden could become the capital of cultural marxism, you could also take into consideration our high amount of hunter-gatherer DNA as a reason for our egalitarianism and relative lack of ethnocentricity. It would be interesting if you could invite Kevin Macdonald to discuss that subject.

  • Eddan

    RightOn Radio is right on!

  • Eddan

    I agree with your comment on the current situation in Sweden. How are we ever going to get the people of Sweden to realize whats really happening to their country in time? Sweden is the sheeple capitol of the world, and i am not sure if it is possible to turn of thing around anymore!

    • Klas2

      Sweden will have to break down and become a cautionary tale for the rest of the world. We who understand this must reach out to other swedes and put ourselves and our families in a position to wether the storm.