We discuss libertarianism with Klaus Bernpaintner of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Sweden.

Right On Radio is once again joined by Jonas De Geer to have a conversation with Klaus Bernpaintner, a Swedish libertarian and free market advocate who has been living in the American Wild West for the past four years. Klaus is associated with the Swedish Ludwig von Mises Institute. Klaus is also the host of the Swedish libertarian podcast, Radio Mises. We discuss the idea of libertarian conservatism, the refugee invasion, the political situation in Sweden, the American presidential race, and patent law, among other topics.

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  • Klas2

    I agree with Klaus on intellectual propertyrights.
    Generally, I would like to see a discussion about what property is. What ownership is. I disagree with Klaus that the concentration of power brought about by accumulated ownership is not a problem. I wonder if this problem could be solved by only protecting private property but not protect the property of limited liability companies or faceless associations or somesuch. You would still get very wealthy people abusing the rest of us. But the problem would be lessened. And would be solved by the passing of time. Just an idea. Me, personally, in a free society, I would not help protect property if the owner was faceless.

    • You don’t get rich in a free society by abusing people. Ingvar Kamprad has become filthy rich by being a great service to his fellow men and providing affordable furniture to them. Every voluntary transaction has two winners. It’s only the state who has the ability to abuse people and take their resources at the same time.

      • Klas2

        That sounds more like a religious declaration of faith.
        And one black cat does not prove that all cats are black. It merely proves that not all cats are white. Which was not my point.

  • Great guest!

    Another libertarian who share Klaus’ stance on IP, and who also has a lot of knowledge about the subject, is Stephan Kinsella. He works as a patent lawyer, but he’s also a prominent libertarian. He has a podcast where he collects all his speeches and interviews, see http://www.stephankinsella.com/kinsella-on-liberty-podcast/. There’re also tons of videos with him on youtube, see https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=stephan+kinsella. He has done many interviews with small podcasts, etc, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you could arrange an episode with him.

    But to be frank, it sounded like you weren’t so well-versed on the subject of IP from a libertarian perspective, judging by your questions. I have heard those concerns being addressed by Kinsella several times, and it wouldn’t be hard to find the answers. For instance, there’s a really good book on the subject called Against Intellectual Monopoly: http://www.dklevine.com/general/intellectual/againstfinal.htm

    Then there’s also Jeffrey Tucker who often speaks about IP. I also believe Stefan Molyneux has covered the subject.

    But to give you points, it’s only quite recently that the consensus among libertarians has shifted against IP. I believe many for long have been mislead by the word “property” in its name. But thanks to many prominent figures in the libertarian movement who speaks out against IP it’s finally changing.

    I wish you luck with your future episodes!

  • Bruksmentalitet

    Daniel: Patents are good because they protect the little guy.
    Klaus: They do not protect the little guy.
    Daniel: That’s a practicality, it doesn’t matter.

    I think if you have a business model that relies on the state enforcing your rights to “immaterial property” you just have a bad business model. It is exactly the same principle as with state funded media – people would never pay for it and therefore it should never be made. If we did not have the state upholding “democracy” by subsidizing mainstream media we would not be where we are today.