In this episode we discuss the fight against ISIS with Joe, a US Army veteran who served three combat tours in Iraq, and who just returned from a private trip to Kurdistan, where he was attempting to help train the Kurdish troops.

“They’re coming there on a one-way plane ticket for one reason, and that is to fight and die. (…) They don’t live for this world or this life whatsoever.”


Triarii – W.A.R

  • When it comes to torture. Remember the door swings both ways. Right now we know who the terrorists are. But in a few years time it could change. Then it could be us. You just never know.

  • It is long past time for European Nationalists to start “Naming the Wahhabi”.

  • Alexei Lebedov

    We must become European IS, if this scares you, you are an enemy. Only the ruthlessness of Ivan Grozny, Vlad Drakul, the SS, etc will save Europe.