The topic of today's program is "The Arktos Meetup in Budapest", with Ingrid & Conrad.

The topic of today’s program is “The Arktos Meetup in Budapest”, and we have two guests. The first is Ingrid Carlqvist, the well-known Swedish author, journalist, and writer, and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. The second is Conrad, a former Leftist and ‘anti-racist’ who made a political u-turn five years ago and is now co-hosting a popular Swedish podcast focusing on immigration-related issues.


Triore – Let Us Meet In The Trenches

  • Klas2

    A quote from prince Charles:
    You have, ladies and gentlemen, to give this much to the Luftwaffe: when it knocked down our buildings, it didn’t replace them with anything more offensive than rubble. We did that. Clausewitz called war the continuation of diplomacy by other means. Around St. Paul’s, planning turned out to be the continuation of war by other means.”

  • Lawrence

    This article is very relevant regarding your talk on the architecture of Budapest vs. the west:

    I´ve been to Budapest, and it a marvelously beautiful city! I enjoyed everything about Budapest except perhaps the Clock Cafe.. 😉

    • John Morgan

      I’ve heard the service was quite poor on one particular evening, but it’s under new management now.

      • Lawrence

        Actually the service was quite good, that is until the night shift arrived.