World-renowned ‘philanthropist’ George Soros has for years been one of the most problematic political figures in global politics. In Western European media, he is often depicted as a wealthy, well-meaning shaper of public opinion with Leftist leanings who works with various Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to make the world a better place.

Even a cursory overview of the last few decades of George Soros’ career shows that this picture is largely false, and that Soros is a prime example of the problem of private, wealthy interests overriding – or attempting to override – national sovereignty, and the freedoms of states and individuals alike. This article is an attempt to offer such an overview. While Soros and his various endeavours obviously engage themselves in fairly uncontroversial forms of charity or anti-corruption work, the focus of this article will be on the other (and far more important) aspects of his activities.

Currency warfare and the Open Society Foundations

One of the few instances when Soros has been openly criticised in the West is in connection to his currency wars. He admits to having debased the British pound in a currency war against The Bank of England, and made a billion dollars in the process. The losers in this case were the British taxpayers.1 Soros did the same in the case of my native Sweden, debasing the Swedish crown in a similar battle with the Swedish central bank, again at the expense of the public.2

Soros is hardly alone in being driven by economic self-interest and what the Left would have once called an aggressive neo-liberal economic agenda. His particular brand of ‘philanthropy’, however, is a somewhat rarer animal. Through his Open Society Foundations (OSF), Soros is active in 41 countries. The various branches of the Open Society Foundations altogether employ 1,800 workers, and are estimated to have spent over 13 billion dollars since the original Foundation’s inception in 1993.3

In 2015, Transparify – an NGO which monitors other NGOs – deemed Open Society the least transparent and open NGO in the entire United States.4 That very same year, Open Society was banned in Russia.5

OSF and Soros financed the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, with at least 33 million dollars,6 apparently unconcerned that these protests spawned massive race riots and severely worsened American race relations by reducing a complex issue to revolutionary mysticism and a question of ‘Social Justice’. Soros also finances, a North American Website and organisation which has staged aggressive and at times violent protests aimed at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.7

For a person and institution allegedly concerned with spreading constitutional democracy and free market liberalism, Soros and the American Open Society Foundations are remarkably fond of mob rule, populism, and far-Left militancy. In Sweden, Soros went so far so as to finance a ‘research report’ discussing ways to compel working class Europeans to accept multiculturalism, which was written by the notorious Swedish-Korean self-avowed anarchist, Tobias Hübinette.8 Hübinette is known not only for his substantial criminal record, but also for several radical anti-European outbursts, the most famous one being this love song: ‘Let the Western World of the White Race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed, and classless ecological society!’9

Soros also spends plenty of money on less direct efforts to control public discourse in Europe. Yearly indexes such as the World Press Freedom Index10 and Corruption Perceptions Index11 are financed by Soros through the Open Society Foundations. These indices have one thing in common: governments of which the Western Leftist-liberal elites do not approve are given very low scores, and are accordingly portrayed as authoritarian in the Western media, and without any critical perspective. They also share the bizarre feature that their selection process and raw data are not made public, and therefore are impossible to verify. Still, their claims are routinely cited in order to justify attacks on nations such as Hungary. Anyone comparing the facts of the media climate of Hungary and Sweden ‘on the ground’ would find it difficult indeed to argue that the Hungarian media are any less ‘free’ than Sweden’s. The number of Hungarians who are allowed to weigh the views of Soros and his far-Left liberal newspapers against the more conservative Hungarian papers is far greater than the number of Swedes exposed to anything but rewrites of stories taken from CNN and The Economist.

The migrant crisis

While Soros’ general Leftism may be seen as nothing more than an expression of one viewpoint among others, and his callous financial manipulations as a natural part of the present economic system, his activities in connection with the so-called ‘migrant crisis’ have been outright nefarious. Last autumn, Soros wrote an opinion piece absurdly claiming that Europe has an ‘obligation’ to take in at least one million (!) migrants per year.12 The article was published through Project Syndicate, a brainchild of Soros’ which is dedicated to disseminating op-eds to which a large number of people from various elite cliques of opinion-formers are frequent contributors. The opinion pieces entered into the project are picked up by over 500 associated major media outlets and publications all over the world, which republish the articles in their own languages. Through Project Syndicate, another opinion piece13 reached the editorial pages of, among others, The Guardian in the United Kingdom and Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s premiere morning paper) last month. In it, Soros demanded that European taxpayers should pay at least 120 billion euros to facilitate increased immigration into Europe. The very suggestion may seem deranged, but a few days after the piece ran, the European Union announced that it would distribute the equivalent of two million average Macedonian monthly salaries in cash to the illegal migrants that are currently waiting along the Macedonian borders.14

While Soros’ opinions carry much weight in northern Europe as well as among the leadership of the EU, his behaviour has met with some resistance elsewhere. After it was revealed that Soros’ NGOs distributed handbooks to migrants in the Balkans15 which offered advice on how they could illegally enter Europe during the 2015 migrant crisis, Soros was condemned by the Hungarian government, which accused him of attempting to pry open the borders of Hungary in direct contradiction to the will of the Hungarian people.16 Furthermore, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán blasted Soros’ involvement in the migration crisis as ‘treason’.17

‘Colour revolutions’

Further to the east, Soros’ activities take on even more sinister features. In Ukraine, his NGOs contributed substantially to both the so-called ‘colour revolutions’ of 2004 and 2014, and hence to a political instability which (regardless of how one views Russia, or any other Ukrainian political issue) has reduced the country to a borderline failed state. The latter of the two uprisings led, as is commonly known, to a coup d´état and a protracted civil war which may well end in a permanently divided Ukraine. Leaked e-mails have shown Soros giving direct orders to the new Ukrainian government.18

Furthermore, Soros has drawn up an economic ‘development plan’19 that has been well-received by the Ukrainian government, and ‘offered’ to invest big money in Ukraine on the condition that European taxpayers contribute with massive financial subsidies.20 So far, the corruption and abuses of power which allegedly sparked the Maidan persist in Ukrainian public life, possibly because the reasons which caused Ukranians to take to the streets in protest in the first place were not the same reasons which were driving Soros and those of his allies who were destined to end up in the post-revolutionary government.

Elsewhere in the eastern and central parts of Europe, we also find Soros and the Open Society Institute provoking unrest and increasing the risk of all-out war. They were openly involved in the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2003,21 just as they financed the Serbian ‘Bulldozer Revolution’ of 2000.22

In Hungary, the Soros-financed Central European University in Budapest has been functioning as a hub for the dissemination of post-Marxist ideology throughout central and eastern Europe for a quarter-century now. Among other things, CEU sponsors ‘research’23 into internationalist subjects, gender studies, studies of ‘minority rights’, and so forth. Even though the University’s curriculum has a very narrow scope, it is nonetheless one of Europe’s wealthiest educational institutions, thanks to Soros’ funding.24 The President and Rector of CEU, John Shattuck,25 wrote several op-eds for, amongst others, The Boston Globe and the Financial Times. Shattuck voiced harsh criticism of Hungary’s migration policy, claiming that ‘the people fleeing to Europe from war-torn countries are not migrants seeking economic advantage, but refugees from violence and repression’, and that in ‘Hungary and other EU countries, anti-immigrant legislation has created new barriers to political asylum. Right-wing rhetoric dehumanizes the asylum-seekers. Security officials confront refugees in an explosive atmosphere, provoked by antimigrant gangs’. Shattuck praised the volunteers, among them students from his University who were ‘helping groups like Migration Aid provide the stranded refugees with food, clothing, shelter, information, and, perhaps most important, compassion’.26 Migration Aid, which began as a Facebook group, was accused by Hungary’s governing party, Fidesz, of receiving ‘generous support’ from George Soros.27 One of Migration Aid’s board members, Zsuzsanna Zsohár, later denied this claim, claiming that their financial transactions are all a matter of public record.28 One of the founders of Migration Aid told the Hungarian daily newspaper Magyar Hírlap that claims about Soros’ funding are ‘lies’, but CEU nevertheless allowed them to use one of its auditoriums as a storage facility.29

The involvement of Soros and the Open Society Foundation in Hungarian Left-liberal media initiatives is also well-known enough so as not to warrant any elaboration here.30

Were we to move further south, to the Middle East, or simply further back in time, this catalogue could go on forever. And while Soros may think – or pretend to think – that he is motivated by some particular idealistic principle or another, to the objective observer it is obvious that the net result of his one-man war against a disparate array of foes and principles is nothing but pointless suffering and social decay.

The Panama Papers

According to WikiLeaks, the recent Panama Papers data leak was obtained from the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), an organisation funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and George Soros. The whistleblowing organisation called it an attack funded jointly by the US government and Soros ‘which targets Russia and the former USSR’. Gerard Ryle, the head of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), told the Russian news agency TASS that Putin is not the target of the leak: ‘It wasn’t a story about Russia. It was a story about the offshore world’.31 In contrast to his words, many mainstream media outlets chose to illustrate the story with photos of the Russian President even though neither Vladimir Putin nor any members of his family are directly mentioned in the papers. It is also worth mentioning that the ICIJ is an organisation which was created by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI), which is funded by, among others, the OSF.32

Counteracting Soros and his minions

To the extent that Soros and his various initiatives fund and support militant subversive movements, as is often the case, he can hardly be surprised that various governments counteract activities which are, or which should be, considered criminal using those powers which they have at their disposal. As long as his subversive activities take place within the confines of the law and the principles of freedom of speech, the question of how to confront them is far more complex. The first step is to make it clear to the European public exactly what the Open Society Foundations and Soros are doing, and how and why they are doing it, so that their attempts to establish their destructive fantasies as a political consensus or as common sense in the minds of the masses can be counteracted by informed debate.

There is a Swedish proverb which says that trolls, those nasty creatures of folklore, turn into stone when exposed to sunlight. It is my sincere hope that the same will be the case for those organisations which carry out the business of committing treason on a continental scale.


  9. The Swedish magazine Svartvitt, January 1996
  30. This Hungarian Website, which acts as a watchdog on investigative journalism, openly admits to being partially financed by Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI): This Hungarian-language article claims that one of Soros’s investment funds was joint owner of Magyar Narancs, one of Hungary’s liberal weeklies, and also points out that the liberal Website once won a prize from the OSI, and further that the OSI awarded a financial grant to the Left-leaning Hungarian investigative journalism watchdog NGO Many other examples could be given.

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Daniel Friberg holds an MBA from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University. He has previously conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant and business analyst. He is the co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of the recently published "Högern kommer tillbaka: Handbok för den äkta oppositionen" (Arktos, 2015), and its English translation, "Return of the Real Right: A Handbook for the True Opposition" (Arktos, 2015). Official Facebook page

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Excellent piece. I’ve often wondered why he hasn’t been made the target of foreign intelligence services. Why is he still free?

    • Thanks. Yes – I’ve often also asked myself that question.

    • Sinik

      There are many unanswered questions on Soros:

      1] How did he survive as a Jew in Nazi occupied Hungary?
      2] How and why did he “escape” to the UK in 1947?
      3] How did he become a student at one of the leading universities in the UK?
      4] Where did he get his money from?
      5] He is allegedly worth $23billion. If so where did it come from? His Quantum Fund hasn’t generated $40billion but its not all his money.
      6] Where did he get the money to place the $10billion bet on the UK currency markets? At the time his fund was not that big.

      • Tpspt

        As for 4] to 6], it is alleged that the speculation against the Bank of England was underwritten by banks that gave him credit. It is worthwhile to read his book, The Alchemy of Finance. The book makes for a very confusing read that overtly teaches you almost nothing, however, the very fact that it’s so confusing tells you that he probably wrote it to deceive people into believing that he really tricked the BoE. At one point he literally attributes part of his financial success to back pains that made him exert extra caution in what he was doing at the time. Also, “Quantum Fund” (the name o hs company) is supposed to express the idea that being in the market will always influence the market, which is akin to the uncertainty principle underlying quantum theory. There is nothing original to that, traders have known forever that big deals need be executed cautiously and under the radar to avoid disturbing the price band.

        So, here is a grand unified conspiracy theory regarding Soros: He is just a stooge for the Rothschilds, what else? They channeled money to him by way of letting the BoE, which they controlled, fall into the trap Soros supposedly had come up with, thereby providing him not only with funds but also with fake credence as a financial genius. The banks that underwrote Soros did that on the behest of the Rothschilds, too. The Rothschilds, for their part, did all that because they needed a middle man that could do the dirty work Soros has been engaged in ever since.

    • He’s too rich and too powerful and has friends in high places?

    • Cobbett

      ”foreign intelligence services”….the diversity loving MI6 or CIA perhaps?

    • Mr Ed

      Because he and his clan run the foreign intelligence services.

    • Lucy Lipinska

      He would have been if our “democracies” had intelligence services that worked for the good of their nations.

  • Giacomo Crastich

    Excellent article, but why Söros is still free in Hungary? Apart Russia and Malaysia, there are any other countries he cannot enter?

    • Luideraad

      Doesn’t he live in the US?

    • Everglades

      He hasn’t lived in Hungary since 1947.

    • Everglades

      It’s actually Soros with no periods over either O. It is not the family’s original name: the word SOROS refers to somebody who’s time (or turn) has come. Funny…

      • Tpspt

        Soros is also an anagram of rosso, which is Italian for red. Incidentally, the surname “Rothschild” was adopted by the banker family when it was still based in Germany. It is derived from “roter Schild”, or “rother Schild” as it was spelled at that time, which means “red shield”. The given name George derives from an ancient greek word whose meaning is farmer. The red farmer would be the one who does the field work for the Rothschilds.

  • Joseph Curwen

    Excellent piece, short but deep. I’m sending this to every receptive person I know.

    If someone needs proofs that the Tribe has a specific agenda, whe only have to mention Soros.

  • Everglades

    This article is one of the best assessment and analys I have read on Uncle George in the English language. He is very well known in Hungary but most of what has been written about him were never translated to English. In the West, especially in America, he is mostly known as a benevolent philanthropist. More needs to be written about him in English, and not just about his generosity.

    • Thank you for your praise. I agree completely that more needs to be written about him in English – and we will surely return to the topic of George Soros soon again here at

  • Well written piece on this POS and it’s amazing that people don’t seem to know much about him. Just looking at his picture gives me the heebie-jeebies!

    • Sam Chatterjee

      Most wealthy right wing nuts in America look like him too.

  • Bathory Gyorgy

    He’s a very sinister person, is very well known to hate his own race, in special Hungarians, I don’t understand, he was born there .Soros egy budos disno mehet nyugotan a k…. anyad Picsadba.

    • Cobbett

      He hates Jews?

      • Sam Chatterjee

        May be, he has been carefully watching the Israelis operate in Palestine.

        • Mo Doggie

          You don’t know Soros is a Jew?

          • Sam Chatterjee

            I know he is a Jew. I do not know what are u? Confused and lost.

  • Cobbett

    He is most definitely a vile creature….strange that most people don’t know about him although it’s no secret about his nefarious activities. Confiscate his cash and see how powerful he is.

  • Sam Chatterjee

    Friberg has told us a lot about himself in this piece. Calling Soros leftist is ridiculous, since he was banned in Russia. He is Great to me if he has tried to restrain a criminal like Trump from hijacking USA into Fascism. He may have had a good reason for currency war against the Brits, the most dangerous criminal colonial nation on earth. Of course, USA is well on its way to beat them in that barbarism. I do not know much about Sweden; so no comments. Supporting justice in USA is not a leftist idea. We need to end police brutality in America ASAP.

    • You are obviously a retarded person.

      • Sam Chatterjee

        Any one who supports Trump is certainly Super-Retarded. On top of it, they are very sick, since they want America to be ruled by a blood thirsty Hitler. So, u are a Super-Sick Super-Retard who wants to bring back slavery Vikings style.

        • John Morgan

          No, you are obviously a Super-Duper-Double-Dog-Retarded Person. (Trying to lower myself to your intellectual level here.)

          • I would say that Sam might possibly even be a Super-Duper-Double-Dog-Mega-Retarded person.

          • Sam Chatterjee

            Morgan, you are a Super Sick Pervert (Sorry to lower myself to your gutter level)

          • How old are you, Sam? From the intellectual quality of your comments, I assume you are a Hillary-supporter.

          • How old are you, Sam? From the intellectual quality of your comments, I assume you are a Hillary-supporter, although probably not old enough to vote.

          • Sam Chatterjee

            Thank u for a complimentary question as a change. I am 73, now Republican, not a Hillary supporter, can support Bernie, and US citizen since 1977. Believe in America that lives in peace without acting as a bully and trigger happy invader around the world. A wild dream for now, perhaps.

          • Lawrence

            I’m curious: how Did you Find this site, and are you frequenting the alternative right in general?

        • Mo Doggie

          Chatterjee, Bengali bloodline. A most peculiar variant of bharatiya.
          Known for pseudo-intellectualism. Known for persistently electing
          pseudo-Communists to state government. Same pseudo-communists now
          supporting migration jihad, the take-over of West Bengal by Bangladeshis
          (Eastern Bengal, the part most dominated by muslims, hence partitioned from India to be “East Pakistan”)

          Should be known for overbreeding and encroaching on neighbouring people’s lands, North-East regions of India, and Burma.

          • Sam Chatterjee

            U Disgusting American Brainless Doggie. Keep your Criminal Intellectualism to your self and keep robbing the Native Indians and other countries till your Roman Empire crashes into NOTHING. Remember, the Partition was done by your British Criminal allies against our wishes, of course with the support of the Super Criminal USA.

          • Mo Doggie

            I am not American. However, you stay in USA. Why? Because Bengali overbreeding and economic ruin caused by too many fools supporting pseudo-communists.

            Partition [of India, independence process 1947]…

            Not caused by British, not part of the original idea. (You know that, but you pretend, the typical foolishness.)

            Partition had not happened, India would be majority muslim. (Maybe you
            delude yourself about the implications of that too. Note, not more than a
            few weeks pass without some violent attack or harassment of Hindus by
            Muslims, particularly in Bengal where they murdered someone in a public
            place, in front of his wife, because of his blog last year,…a few
            weeks ago murdered a journalist,…and the ongoing encroachment and
            aggressive harassment of villages.)

            Either you are lying or you do not know the history. (Which is not unusual. Neither is unusual.)
            islamists, led by Jinnah, demanded a separate state, an islamic state
            where muslims would not be ruled or dominated by Hindus. Because in
            their hearts, they wished for a return to the Mughal islamic rule that
            prevailed before the British rule.
            (A sort of irony in that, considering that the majority of muslims are Indians whose ancestors were forcibly converted.)

          • Sam Chatterjee

            If u are not American, you must be worst type of Muslim ass kisser. There are more such violence in USA than in Bengal. U are a liar of History like Brits & USA. Brits refused to leave India without the partition and created Pakistan one day before leaving. If criminal Brits/Americans had not done this, India would have been quite different, and I would not waste time talking to disgusting idiots like u.

          • Mo Doggie

            “muslim ass kisser”? There you seem to demonstrate the typical logic and reading comprehension problem.


            Utter nonsense. Like I said, you are dishonest or you do not know the history.
            And, like I said, without partition (or your taking shelter in the USA) *you* (Bengalis, Indians, Hindus generally) would be “muslim ass-kissers”, you would be paying the jizya tax. 🙂
            Yes, India would be quite different. (It would be much more islamic than it is already after the islamic influence of 1000 years.)

            Yet, you took shelter of USA. Which is somewhat dominated by Anglo-Saxons. (Here, leave aside the matter of domination of goldsmiths.) You took shelter but, with your remarks here, you “bite the hand that feeds you,” so to speak. What is that? – Dishonourable, hypocritical.

            Do continue here, it might be informative for those who do not have experience of Bengalis in forums.

          • Sam Chatterjee

            Disgusting to continue with a ignorant fool who lives in Fiction, unconcerned by the Facts on the ground. America has done many many dishonorable things that your Fiction has missed. I am not taking shelter in USA, may be u are a refugee that Trump wants to get rid of.

          • Mo Doggie

            i am not talking about what “America has done.” i am talking about you, bong, and your typical dishonesty and hypocrisy.

            You not taking shelter of USA? Then what is this? (i quote your text…)


            So tell us why you are there.

            What i have told is no fiction, it can be verified with any history text. You tried to assert falsehoods about Partition – perhaps because the typical inferiority complex.

            Let us hear your ideas about how India would be different if it had not been divided and muslims were the majority.

          • Sam Chatterjee

            U talk about original idea of Brits in India. Yes, to continue their barbaric occupation and robbery of India, which had to end in 1947. It did with another rape of India, the Partition

          • Sam Chatterjee

            Hindu Bengalees are quite capable of dealing with muslim criminals, if and when they choose to. They do not need any help from the Doggies & Americans. They have been very magnanimous to muslim invaders & criminals by allowing them to stay in India, since they prefer India to Bangladesh.

      • Mo Doggie

        Typical confused Bengali. A fan of Hillary Clinton but calls Trump a fascist.

        • Lucy Lipinska

          Nail on the head, Mo Doggie.

    • Lawrence

      Sam Chatterjerk has told us all we need to know about him in this one retarded comment.

      • Sam Chatterjee

        Lawrence Super-jerk, thank you for letting us know about your gutter level thinking

        • Lawrence

          No need to get hostile, I was merely being objective 🙂

          And Dont worry, There will Still be a place for sub 85 IQ whites in the coming ethnostates. We are a compassionate race.


          • Lucy Lipinska

            Our being compassionate has helped our ennemis to hurt us to the thick.

          • Lawrence

            So then we need to channel the compassionate white do-gooders fussy feelings towards other whites. Its a win-win. They will be like that no matter what, and there will still be retards to be taken care of inside our own wide bell-curved white populations, as mr Cattlejerk is a good example of.

      • Lucy Lipinska

        I couldn’t agree more, Lawrence. Such a comment definiely comes from a figure with seriously restrained brain capacity.

    • Mo Doggie

      How about you concern yourself with police brutality in India or, better, with jihad brutality in Bengal?
      Are you one of those Israeli-worshipping Indians?
      And, given how you describe the “Brits”… typical Bengali. If the Eadst India Company and then British rule had not stopped the jihad, you name would not be Chatterjee – your first name would be Mohamed.

    • Lucy Lipinska

      You would like it in Sweden, a country governed by morons..

      • Sam Chatterjee

        I have no idea about Sweden. I do know about traitors and idiots governing USA, who are making a genocidal mess around the world. I do not like it at all. If Sweden invites me, I shall consider their offer. Meanwhile, u are welcome to American thuggery.

      • Lawrence

        10 years from now my guess is he wouldn´t like any longer. I hear the wind howling through ropes with traitors dangling in them from every lamppost in every town.

        A sweet sound indeed..

  • AZDynamics

    Soros is the enemy of anybody or anything that is right and good. He is the embodiment of evil.

  • runs with scissors

    This is just a bunch of nonsense. You cited once, russian sources three times (which are not exactly beacons of truth for last 5 years, just ask them about who shot down MH17), and an article cited “top 5 revolutions backed by george soros”.

    I can not see any harm in those NGOs promoting democracy either, considering that they exist in countries that have been anything but.

    • And I can see from your post history that you mainly spend your time attacking Russia and calling people “putinoids”. Which Soros-funded NGO did you say you were working for again?

      • runs with scissors

        They started it by attacking Ukraine, I’m merely reacting.

        • “They started it by attacking Ukraine.” I rest my case.

          • runs with scissors

            Let’s see where you truly stand: who do you think shot down MH17?


          • John Dowser

            Any form of NATO/EU expansion towards Russian borders was clearly warned against by Moscow since the 90’s with various clear lines drawn in the land: it just won’t happen, it would be the end of Ukraine, and so on. This is because it’s a clear existential threat by all means: military but also ideological, to do so. It points a dagger to the Russian heart and beliefs. A coup was just never an option, only to those who desired already all-out war. That’s perhaps also the answer to your question on the ultimate responsibility for MH-17. Perhaps the one starting all open air-war against their own rebelling citizens and neighbor’s vital interests (and the one who forgot to shut down commercial air traffic first?).

          • runs with scissors

            Russia’s neighbors are free to choose who they side with. Maybe Russia shouldn’t have been a dick for past centuries.

            _…Perhaps the one starting all open air-war against their own rebelling citizens…_

            nice statement, but you forget that it was anything but an “all open air-war”. unless you feel like telling me how it was an “all open air-war”, perhaps with a source or two to those claims.

            _…and the one who forgot to shut down commercial air traffic first?…_

            my my, it’s almost as if it’s Ukraine’s fault now that Russia supplied the terrorists with a mid-range AA system. way to blame the victim here.

          • runs with scissors

            Even more, is it not a fact that Russian troops took over Crimea and then started fighting a war in Donbass?

            Yes, it is.

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