Richard Spencer, the well-known director of the National Policy Institute and the Radix Website in the US, joins us to discuss his odyssey into Right-wing activism, as well as his current view of the state of the alt-Right in both the US and Europe.

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Survive–The Economic Collapse

For millions of people, the ongoing economic crisis has marked the End of the World As We Know It. The “American Dream” (and ones like it) of a guaranteed job, a home, and a pension, has given way to the nightmare of unemployment, unpayable debt, depression, and uncertainty. In Survive The Economic Collapse, Piero San […]

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The Great Purge: The Deformation of the Conservative Movement

A central crucible in the evolution of the American Right has been “the purge”-that is, the expulsion, often in an explicit fashion, of views or individuals deemed outside the bounds of “respectability.” Victims include the John Birch Society, Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire, Sam Francis, Revilo P. Oliver, Murray Rothbard, foreign-policy makers deemed “isolationists,” immigration reformers, […]

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Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning

There are few philosophers more influential, more misunderstood, more admired, and more feared than Martin Heidegger. He is simply unavoidable for an understanding of modern thought, modern culture, and the modern world. As Alexander Dugin explores in *Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning*, Heidegger traces a particular conception of being and truth-begun with the […]

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  • tiberium072

    Spencer’s vision for America is not all that different to the Founding Fathers if you consider America as a New Atlantis. The question is, does it need a White-centric focus going forward or simply better “management” which is kind of what Trump is promising?

    I vaguely remember the 80’s being free from all this radical marxist anti-White rhetoric where Americans would celebrate their “diverse” action heroes (Arnold, Stallone, Carl Weathers, Willis, Van Damme) and political correctness was only utilized in extreme cases. I suspect most right-leaning Americans simply want that world to return but lack any real direction on how to get there.

    The neo-cons are partly right in that the lack of true enemy stops galvanization, whilst the decreased interest in space exploration has killed the “frontier” dream. Those two elements are almost essential to a “right wing” spirit. Given their absence, i suspect “racial” antagonism will only create more dysfunction and continue the leftward drift.

  • For an inadvertently hilarious counterpoint to this podcast, listen to this Carnegie Counsel podcast from the Authors of the big new book on Russia, Eurasianism, and the European “far right”:

    These hacks don’t appear to even know about the Alt right or the Neoreaction,(although they do mention Richard Spencer as part of the 6 degrees of Alexander Dugin game), instead spending most of the podcast on the old Cold War era “far right”.

  • Vincent Law

    Ever consider giving a free ticket give away to people interested in attending NPI but who can’t afford the steep ticket fee?

    It would help get more Europeans to come to the conference.

  • Klas2

    Rome was our enemy. A new rome is not what i am dreaming of.