Youssef Fakhouri, Lebanese-Hungarian Catholic social and human rights activist, joins us to discuss the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and the lack of reportage concerning this in Western media, the Crusades, and the ongoing Islamization of Europe.

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Petition: #WeAreN2016: Join our global call-to-action by asking the United Nations to preserve religious freedom and recognize the genocide against Christians


Von Thronstahl – The Saints are Coming

Guillaume Faye and the Future of Europe

This is an effort to get Guillaume Faye’s three latest titles translated and published as soon as possible.

Since its inception, Arktos has acquired the English-language rights to all of Guillaume Faye’s works that were written over the past 20 years. So far we’ve published four of them, and we have a fifth – The Colonisation of Europe – on its way later this month. Recently, we also purchased the rights to his most recent titles. We are now launching a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to get these translated and published within 2016.

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The Colonisation of Europe

In this book, Guillaume Faye, the firebrand of the French New Right, confronts the phenomenon of mass immigration head-on. Rather than talking about ‘immigration’, Faye insists that we must speak of a massive colonisation settlement of the West by peoples from the Global South. This, together with declining birthrates, means that Europeans will soon become […]

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  • Wes Gilreath

    The Bible is Jewish communism. Christianity preaches multiculturalism and loving your enemy, turning the other cheek, etc. Only Satan can save us now.

    • God made nations and destroyed Babel. He detests internationalism. The churches now are an abomination, but it was not always so. There are many right-thinkers amongst the faithful.

  • Wes Gilreath

    The truth behind Christianity..

  • How about nationalism or traditionalism as a spiritual “religion”? Im atheist but can see that christianity has a purpose as a shield. But for me personally i think the only real “after-life” is by having children and passing on your genes and your culture and traditions. The nation is the fortress in which you can protect this from outsiders. In a way this can be a sort of spiritual view. Though it might not be enough for all or most people, many people need something more to hold on to for comfort i guess, anyway its at least a alternative for people who dont want to be christians and find atheism+invidualism too empty.