“You need a god before whom you can all be slaves - but equal slaves - , thus you sacrifice your freedom for the sake of that god of modernity: Equality. For you were born and chosen for slavery, and only by enslaving yourselves do you truly fulfil yourselves. You know not what it means to be free, as true freedom comes from within, and in your being dwells only bondage.”

The Epic of Arya – In Search of the Sacred Light by Abir Taha, recently published by Arktos, a book described by a discerning book reviewer as a ”simmering classic,” is a must-read to all enlightened and awakened souls in our age of darkness characterized by religious fundamentalism in the East and moral degeneracy in the West. Written between 2004 and 2007, the book prophesied our age of spiritual and moral decadence, coming up with a ”third way” between religious fundamentalism and atheist materialism: spirituality.

In a series of articles, we shall show excerpts from this important visionary book, starting with Taha’s criticism of religious fundamentalism in the first part of her book entitled ”The Veil of Maya” (the pun is intended).

The following are excerpts from that first part.

Among the sleepless dreamers of the desert

“This is the land where the word ‘God’ sounds hollow in the ears of Truth, where divinity is robbed of its meaning, where religion kills the Spirit in the name of the letter, and slays the soul of Life in the name of heaven and hell.”

“God died when Truth was slain in his name, when Life ceased to justify itself, and death became a goal and a promise. Darkness fell upon mankind when God’s heaven became man’s hell; when, instead of hallowing Life, God’s name became the worst curse cast upon existence.”

“Man killed God when he ceased to seek Him within, for it is in man’s depth that divinity takes root and grows into the Boundless Being that governs all existence. It is from the depths of Being that the heights of Becoming are conceived and that the Tree of Life blossoms forever anew, elevating men into gods… for gods are but higher men who have overcome themselves; and the abyss that gazes at the peaks grows wings that rise to meet them.”

“Yes, faith in the ‘only god’ only begets ignorance and decay, for this god… does not exist! And when God himself becomes an escape from life, – instead of being a glorification of life – , Life loses all meaning. The god of men is a disgrace to divinity… hence all this god breeds is ignorance, whether it is called faith or godlessness… and so everywhere you look today, you see either pious fools or godless morons.”

“Therefore, let this god from the desert stay away from me, away from us truly chosen ones, – we who have chosen Pan over Yahweh .

Arya’s sermon

“You idle dreamers of the desert, can you not smell the stench of God’s rotting corpse and decaying spirit? Do your eyes not see that you are kneeling before the Void, though you call this void ‘God’? And this in itself is blasphemy, that God has ceased to be an incarnation of Mother Nature and a manifestation of the Spirit of the Earth! You blind seekers of the Light, you have hitherto only known darkness, for faith has blinded your eyes instead of enlightening your souls. You live in eternal night, though you call your night ‘awakening’, and your ignorance ‘supreme truth’! You call your god the greatest and the unique, though you know him not save in the dead letter of the scriptures – and God knows that the Spirit is above all letters! – , not as the supreme life-giver, but as a lifeless idol that remains a sombre mystery… not as a liberating, elevating inner Spirit, but as an enslaving, debasing inner tyrant.”

“Sons of the South, your sun has set; therefore you know only the night of the soul and the twilight of the spirit.”

“Sons of darkness, your light has dimmed, therefore you sow the poisonous seeds of death in the divine fields of Life, hoping in vain to reap the fruit of salvation from your unholy harvest. But how could the fruit of Life ripen in the dark caves of death, away from the redeeming rays of Light?”

“We Sons of Surya worship no ghosts; we look upon different horizons, we look inwards and venerate the god within, the inner god. Our god manifests Himself in man, for though man is but a distorted image of God, and though he is a failed god, he still remains a god in the making, a trial, a hope, and a promise. And for a thing to succeed, many trials are necessary, many attempts must be made, many failures must be overcome.”

We believe in the God-man, not the god in heaven, for the god who is in man, the god who is man, is higher than any unknown god. We are Free Spirits, and free spirits we remain; therefore, we kneel before no idol, and in our prayers our inner voice echoes the voice of God.

“Why do you become like wild beasts when anyone dares question your beliefs? Does your zeal betray a weak faith? Is your trust in your god so shaky that you need to defend him each time someone questions him? But true faith, as Truth, defends itself and speaks for itself. It needs no raised fists nor sharp swords, for only words can kill words, while the flesh only kills the flesh; and violence has always been a sign of weakness and defeat, as the spirit conquers the sword that slays it. Is not your staunch defence of your faith actually an onslaught on your own doubts? Is your faith, the temple of your spirit, so weak that it cannot withstand the winds of change that knock on the door of history? Is its roof so brittle that the slightest breeze can topple it? Are its foundations so frail that one cannot build higher levels on them, to get closer to the stars?”

“You need a god before whom you can all be slaves – but equal slaves – , thus you sacrifice your freedom for the sake of that god of modernity: Equality. For you were born and chosen for slavery, and only by enslaving yourselves do you truly fulfil yourselves. You know not what it means to be free, as true freedom comes from within, and in your being dwells only bondage.”

The Epic of Arya: In Search of the Sacred Light

THE THIRD WAY – “I am searching for the Light… not the light made by man, but the Light that made man.” “Know that it was but one god who died on the cross, and many are waiting to be born.” –Abir Taha … The Epic of Arya is about man’s eternal quest for the […]

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  • Peter

    I completely agree that spirituality is something inside man. What I´m only surprised at is that there´s some criiticism to that position, i.e. I haven´t understood that criticism. I think the criticism is that one could not redeem oneself. Ok…I see that as a position that one should transcend oneself; but IMO, that´s still a spiritual position inside a person.

    In any case, I would wildly appreciate if such views became common in the right as I suspect many rightists to be authoritarians who simply get off on dominating others. They like religion because it roars so nicely authoritatively, and with that, one can so nicely brush off diverging views in a self-righteous attitude of being right just because (just because it´s written in a book). It´s really the position of the stupid.

    Let´s however, of-course, be clear that religion to a good part simply serves as the set of rules that a community agreed upon; obviously, a community can only function if the members agree on some rules, some conventions. It may also seem plausible to use some kind of ultimate justification for these rules, in order to reinforce them a)because the functioning of the group is a question of life and death, b)because apparently, in humans there is a predisposition for ultimative authority…. probably actually simply for that reason: it´s of preeminent importance that all members of the group actually follow, apply, the rules that they agreed upon.

    So I guess one could simply say that we need conventions and make sure that they are “religiously” respected; but that we don´t mistake that for something spiritual, or “god”, as that is simply a different field.
    And also, it is most destructive for spiritual development to be limited by authoritarian “religion”; to restrict spiritual development is really a crime against humanity, i.e. against our nature as humans. Panta rhei; that flow is unpredictable and uncontrollable, it´s therefore a basic and eternal challenge to any “rule”. But unfortunately for the authoritarians: the flow takes precedent over the rule. Because the flow is the nature of all being.