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?stie lab?jie atgriežas

by Daniel Friberg


Lab?jie atgriežas. P?c pazemojumu un politisko neveiksmju desmitgad?m opoz?cija reorganiz?jas, lai piel?gotos m?sdienu situ?cijai un sevi sak?rtotu. Tas neb?t nav par ?tru. Eiropa saskaras ar daudziem izaicin?jumiem un iesak?ojuš?s, bet nekompetent?s politisk?s, akad?misk?s un masu mediju elites neb?s t?s, kas tos var?s un grib?s risin?t. Jaunie Lab?jie var un to dara. Šaj? ?saj? rokasgr?mat? las?t?js atrad?s vair?kas ?oti aktu?las esejas, kuras rakst?jis Zviedru akt?vists Daniels Fribergs. T?s iek?auj gan praktiskus padomus, gan ar? ?su p?rskatu par Jauno Lab?jo galvenaj?m koncepcij?m, probl?mjaut?jumiem un idej?m.

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Summer sale continues!


Our summer sale is ongoing until July 31! As our stock is shortly being moved to a new facility, we’re having a summer clearance sale to reduce the amount of goods we have. All of Arktos’ own titles, apart from the most recent ones, are on sale at a 20% or greater discount. Most of our non-Arktos stock is also on sale, often at even deeper discounts, including all of our music, much of which is being sold at a tiny fraction of its usual price.

More than 300 items are included in the sale, although many have gone out of stock already. Please have a look, as you’re bound to find something that attracts your interest, and take advantage while you can!

Links: Summer sale

Motpol Anniversary and Kickstarter Campaign


Our friends at the Swedish New Right think-tank Motpol are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year. They’re in the process of preparing an anniversary book as well as a large conference and party to celebrate the occasion. Speakers from all over the world will attend, including Dan Roodt (South Africa), Greg Johnson (USA), F. Roger Devlin (USA), Alexander Markovics (Austria), Daniel Friberg (Sweden), and many more. Get your tickets (and if you speak Swedish, make sure to also pre-order your copy of their anniversary publication) through their Kickstarter campaign.

Information in Swedish:

I år firar Tankesmedjan Motpol tioårsjubileum. Detta högtidlighåller vi genom att ge ut en jubileumsbok bestående av de bästa artiklarna från de senaste tio åren, inklusive en rad äldre artiklar som inte längre finns tillgängliga online, samt flera nyskrivna, exklusiva texter. Dessutom låter vi årets “Identitär Idé” bli en jubileumsfest, med mängder av spännande talare. Mer information om evenemanget, samt en möjlighet att köpa biljetter och förköpa vår jubileumsbok, hittar ni här.

Links: Purchase tickets | Facebook page

Jason Jorjani’s Prometheus and Atlas Wins Parapsychological Association Book Award


On June 22, Dr. Jason Reza Jorjani’s Prometheus and Atlas, which was published by Arktos in February, won the Parapsychological Association’s annual Book Award for 2016, which is the highest literary recognition of the parapsychological research community. Congratulations to Dr. Jorjani!

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If you’re a user of the popular book site Goodreads, Arktos now has its own group. It will provide news and information concerning our publications and activities. Discussion and suggestions are also welcome. Just follow the link below.

Arktos Media at Goodreads

Kickstarter campaign for Alain de Benoist’s View from the Right continues


Our Kickstarter campaign to fund the translation and publication of Alain de Benoist’s magnum opus, View from the Right in English is running until July 10. We are already more than halfway toward our goal, but we still need your support! This work was originally published in French in 1977, at the time that Alain de Benoist’s GRECE think tank was at the height of its influence. The book consists of a series of essays and profiles of various thinkers and figures who Benoist considers to embody the defining elements of the various strands of Right-wing thought. It immediately took the French political and intellectual worlds by storm, and in 1978 it was awarded the Grand Prize by the prestigious and historic French Academy. It continues to be regarded as one of the most important modern French works on political philosophy, and as being the fundamental statement of the principles of the New Right during its early years. Please follow the link for more information about the book and campaign.

Links: Kickstarter page | Alain de Benoist’s author page at Arktos.com | Facebook page

Upcoming titles

In the near future we will be publishing several exciting new titles, including:

The Indo-Europeans, a work on the nature of Indo-European civilisation by Alain de Benoist;

Handbook for Radical Right-wing Youth, a collection of essays by Julius Evola;

Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age, a study of the importance of race in the historical identification of Western civilization from prehistoric to contemporary times by Ricardo Duchesne.

There will be other new publications as well. Follow our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news!

Notable reviews

Our books continue to attract reviews from many different sources. Here are a few particularly interesting recent ones.

Review of Alain de Benoist’s On the Brink of the Abyss by Joakim Andersen at Motpol

‘De Benoist beskriver hur den gamla högern och den gamla vänstern övergett sina historiska ideal. ‘Högern’ har accepterat marknadens logik och gett upp äldre värden som heder och osjälviskhet, ‘vänstern’ har ersatt sina äldre ideal med moralism i stil med ‘anti-rasism’. Samtidigt går den ofta storkapitalets ärenden.’ (Read more)

Review of Daniel Friberg’s De Terugkeer van Echt Rechts by Koenraad Elst at Doorbraak.be

‘Ik herken een bondgenoot wanneer ik er een zie: Friberg is een strijder tegen het cultuurmarxistische kwaad, die in die strijd volop zijn morele en intellectuele kwaliteiten heeft kunnen scherpen en bewijzen.’ (Read more)

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