Recently, the administrative agency Statistics Sweden (SCB) published a report describing the demographic composition of the population of Sweden in terms of people born abroad, children of one and two persons born abroad respectively, and the share of the population constituted by these groups.

I will quote the most interesting parts below:

‘In the year 2015, 17% of the population, or close to 1.7 million inhabitants, was born abroad. In the year 1900, the share of people born abroad was less than 1%, and in the year 1960 the share had risen to 4%, with inhabitants born in other Nordic countries constituting the vast majority of those born abroad. Inhabitants born in Nordic countries constituted a majority of the population born abroad until the 1980s, but since then the share born outside of Europe has risen dramatically, and they now constitute half of the population born abroad. In the year 2015, 2% of the population were born in another Nordic country, 6% in another part of Europe, and 9% outside of Europe, while 83% were born in Sweden. […] In 2015, the share of people born in Sweden with one parent born abroad had increased to 7%, while 5% of the population was born in Sweden with two parents born abroad. Those with one parent born in another Nordic country are a large group among those with one parent born abroad, while those with parents born in other Nordic countries conversely constituted the smallest group among those with two parents born abroad, in which those born outside of Europe constituted the largest group.’

In plain words, the report shows that the share of the Swedish population possessing a total or partial immigrant background in 2015 was as large as 29% of the population (17% born abroad + 5% born in Sweden with two parents born abroad + 7% born in Sweden with one parent born abroad). In three decades, almost a third of the Swedish population has been replaced by non-Swedes.

‘But, what if we halt immigration?’ many ask, and believe that this would somehow be the magical solution to all our worries. That is not the case. Even if we shut our borders completely, right now, the low birth rate of Swedes in relation to the far higher birth rates of the immigrants would result in Swedes being almost entirely supplanted by non-Swedes within decades.

A humane repatriation programme

A favourite argument of the Left, and even more of the ’conservative‘ liberals, when they oppose criticism of immigration is that it is somehow mystically impossible to do anything about the large numbers of immigrants already within our borders, and that critics of immigration might as well give up and accept multiculturalism and the destruction of their own culture.

I firmly oppose this view and instead propose that the solution is simple: if it was possible to bring the current situation about with political will, it is equally possible to reverse it with political will. A humane, non-violent programme of repatriation could be designed based on the following five points:

  1. Review asylum rights for recent arrivals. The category of immigrants who could be most easily repatriated are the recent arrivals, who have yet to receive citizenship. Their grounds for asylum should be reviewed, and since the vast majority have insufficient grounds, their residence permits can be withdrawn. Those few who have reasonable grounds for asylum will be granted temporary residence permits, subject to regular review and reassessment. At this time, this group consists of well over 500,000 people.
  2. Our entire welfare system must be reformed from the ground up, and should be modelled on countries with systems which work better, such as Hungary’s. Through such reforms, one can eliminate most of the pull factors which lure non-European migrants to Sweden, and a significant portion of those already here will find reasons to try their luck elsewhere, since the economic incentives that drew them here to begin with will have been removed.
  3. Zero tolerance for crime. Immigrants without citizenship will have their residence permits cancelled and hence be deported for any and all types of crime. Immigrants who have received citizenship should have it revoked in cases of serious crimes. Since many immigrants already have dual citizenship, this would seldom be a problem for them.
  4. Incentive programmes. We will implement a programme which creates positive incentives for those in Sweden who have roots in other countries to return to their homelands, or else to adjacent nations within the same cultural sphere. One such incentive could be a one-off payment – a ’re-establishing subsidy‘ – for those who return while also requiring those who accept it to sign a contract which will require them to never return to Sweden or Europe, following the Danish model. Given the enormous expenses incurred through the process of accepting asylum-seekers, as well as those wrought by the need to support unemployed immigrants for a lifetime, such re-establishing subsidies could be rather generous without any necessary adverse effects on state finances. Considering the catastrophic consequences of immigration on a social level, one could also argue that certain temporary economic hardships would in fact be legitimate investments. Furthermore, a generous reestablishment subsidy would be a good incentive for the countries of origin involved which may be reluctant to accept them to take them back in.
  5. Bilateral agreements. The four points above should be combined with agreements and settlements concluded with the immigrants’ home countries, as well as the other nations in their vicinity. The chances of reaching such settlements are high. For one thing, to date Swedish foreign aid has largely been issued on the terms demanded by the recipients – a deranged idea that the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) even has the gall to brag about in public. It is time to shift the focus so that all foreign aid is offered on our own terms, rather than on those of the recipients. Such terms could and should include the demand that countries receiving aid must be willing to receive their own countrymen back when the time is right, given that those who are currently temporarily residing in Sweden are pressuring our welfare system to the breaking point. Paying these subsidies will be far cheaper than keeping these people in Sweden, particularly if one takes into account the social and civic costs which are difficult to measure in financial terms.

In conclusion

Repatriation is not inhumane, impossible, or undesirable. On the contrary, it is humane, possible, and necessary. Furthermore, it is also the natural step to take after the tidal wave of new migrants has been halted. If the post-Brexit European Union has even a slight interest in once more becoming a functioning political entity which is legitimate in the eyes of its citizens, there is no other option: the issue of repatriation must be added to its agenda as soon as possible.

One of the few others in Sweden who has commented on the SCB report is the George Soros associate and erstwhile violent anarchist Tobias Hübinette (known for his multifaceted crime record as well as his outspoken desire too see “the white race perish in blood and suffering”). He finds the report ’horrid’, not because of its conclusions but because it was filed at all. (Possibly also because he feels that the process of replacing the population of Sweden with Third World economic migrants isn’t happening quickly enough.) Solving problems by ignoring and repressing them is a fine Leftist tradition, harking back to the Soviet days, but it will not help with solving the demographic situation in Sweden and Europe. The debate about the debate and discussions about ’racism‘ and ’values‘ must be replaced by concrete political suggestions.

If Europe, or even just the European Union, is to have any future, this childishness must end, and the discussion of a controlled repatriation of most of our ’recent arrivals‘ must begin. Things will only become truly horrid if Swedish and European politicians keep ignoring the obvious facts.

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Daniel Friberg holds an MBA from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University. He has previously conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant and business analyst. He is the co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of the recently published "Högern kommer tillbaka: Handbok för den äkta oppositionen" (Arktos, 2015), and its English translation, "Return of the Real Right: A Handbook for the True Opposition" (Arktos, 2015). Official Facebook page

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    This is all very sensible. This isn’t rocket science. It can be done. But, do Europeans have the will? We’ll see.

    My position is that it’s too late for a peaceful, political solution. But that’s another story.

    • Ragnar Blåskägg

      The other story will happen naturally wether we instigate it or not, we just have to be ready to move with it.

  • ovnsætter

    You are a scholar and a gentleman, Friberg.

    • Thank you!


        Daniel, i´ve just scrolled through this guys “Tobias Hübinette´s” Twitter feed, i cant read Swedish but ive translated some of the tweets via Google and he seems to constantly promote ethnic minorities while critisizing any kind of implicit whiteness in Swedes at all, for example, he made a tweet critisizing the Swedish tourist organization for making posters with actual Swedes on them:
        This level of brazen hostility is just absolutely incredible, every time i encounter such a case of minority hostility against their own country which allowed them in im still shocked to witness it. Is it true that this abomination actually said that the white race shall perish in blood and suffering ? If so, please can you provide a source, i need to show this to all of my family and friends ?!

        • Of course. Wikiquote has some of his most outspoken anti-white statements. Just use google translate on this link:übinette

          • INFOKRIEG

            Someone seems to have deleted all of his quotes in this link, but tnx anyways. This guy needs to be deported as fast as possible.

        • Hübinette must have more than just a few screws loose. He has assaulted both children and elderly alike claiming they were “racists”. He has even been in custody on the suspicion of murder in the mid-90’s. A skinhead kid was found dead with one hand missing. The hand was never found. So basically he could be a serial killer as they often take trophies from their victims. The leftist cultural marxist wing in Sweden are very powerful. Hübinette, who is adopted from South Korea and not ethnic swede, is also part of the leftist organisation Expo. As is one jew by the name of Robert Aschberg, who happens to be the grandson of the Red Banker Olov Aschberg. Infamous for stealing gold and icons from murdered russians and laundring money for the bolsheviks from Stockholm. That family certainly has quite a few skeletons in their closet and powerful enough to cover up such crimes for his fellow comrades in arms. In fact he has already done so in the past. Like in the early 80’s when one of his friends, one Jacques Wallner, fellow communist, stabbed a young fellow to death in the back outside a restaurant in Stockholm. Wallner got a very light sentence and the victim was branded as a “nazi” in MSM at the time. As it later turned out he was just a nationalist, not even right wing extreme, as they often call us over here. Not long afterwards he was rewarded with the post as editor-in-chief on our daily Dagen Nyheter, the motor-section. I can not prove it, but I do think his jewish pal was involved in that. In the last few years Aschberg has been hounding and hunting “trolls” on the internet, me included. He’s some nasty peice of work and it is about time the rest of the world learns to know about him. Maybe the über-troll himself will turn to stone if we manage to drag him out into daylight, just like in the folk-tales?

          • INFOCAT

            Deportation is the solution. it´s a crime against his humanity that he was adopted into a completely different country. Even if i am not a leftist its very likely that i personally would have resented it if i had to grow up within a different racial group. He simply belongs to south korea and there we will send him!

          • Adoption from different cultures and continents should be deemed as child molestation. It was not long ago I read about a young american white christian couple who were completely cucked. I think they had like maybe 2 children of their own and several adopted black children. Their own biological children will experience real hell in life as soon as the negro children grows older. They might even get killed and the parents will still defend their cuckold children.

  • MartinA

    We need to increase immigration even further. This will destroy sweden utterly. And thus save us swedes as a people. Once sweden becomes an intolerable place to live, the immigrants will leave on their own volition. Only people good at surviving here in the north. And people with a strong emotional attachment. Will stay. It is the one realistic way forward for us swedes. The time for an orderly soloution to this problem is long since past.
    And the basic problem is not immigration but cultural marxism and a broken culture. Immigration is just the tip of the iceberg. We need a very big broom. And the name of that broom is destruction. The most handy tool is immigrants. Preferably from Africa.

    • ovnsætter

      “Worse is better” is stupid, has never worked in the past, and is an excuse for cowardice.

      What we need is a campaign for the repatriation of 1 or 2 super unobjectionable scumbags.

      • MartinA

        We live as far north as north goes. Worse always works here. Eventually. Our new compatriots have only one reason to live here. Gibs. Destroy the foundation for gibs, and they go away. Or die. Other people are not so lucky as we. Such as the french and the germans, for example. They will have to preserve their lands with organized force.
        In many ways it is very lucky that us swedes are furthest along. This way we become a cautionary tale to others. And still have a sporting chance of survival.

      • MartinA

        In the end it is family, solidarity with our own and creating resilience and security for ones family that matters. This political stuff, it is out of our hands, at least here in sweden. And come what may, the basics are still king. It is better to put faith in people and kin than in politics.

  • joe smith

    this was great. wishing you swedes the best .

  • some populations have been established for decades. I propose we introduce prohibition against reproduction by certain ethnicities and maybe other (((ethnicities)))) too lol

    In other words…
    If she’s pregnant and wears a Burqa…


  • volonté europoïdes

    A reasonable plan, but it would be more comforting to broader Europid nations in the common weal, if there were home nation retaining conditions on the repatriated citizens. Anyone could easily imagine them taking their re-establishing incentive, and then showing up in; New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada or the USA. The many online citizenship trafficking websites should be outlawed, possibly with force. A few years ago, I called the Danish Consulate and asked them if they knew their citizenships were up for sale on these websites, and in their blessed middle class state, they had never heard of such websites — I ended up sending them a list of the top ten. All of Europe & the West’s diplomatic offices need to be audited and/or scrubbed back into a shape that recognizes boundaries.

  • Mihilus

    It wont cut it. But its a nice start. But then again Hitler didnt come up with “the final solution” right off the bat either.

    • boris_batonov

      i know its against the law to question the “official history” but the holohoax and hitlers being evil is a allied psyops black lie needed to justify blowing up and killing millions of people so the USA could have world hegemony. any time you talk about hitler you need to use the words alledged

      • Mihilus

        Its clear that much of what history teaches is false. Most people who learned about the conspiratorial version of history think that Zionists are the ones driving whole agenda. But I believe that this goes even deeper. The Freemasonic text, ‘Morals and Dogma,’ for all it’s filth and Luciferianism, is not completely aligned with ‘ Protocols…’ And it’s predictions, or plans, have been 100% accurate about the intricacies of what would become WWI and WWII. It made allocations for the Zionists to achieve all that they have, up until this point. Israel, in it’s typical arrogance, has failed to see that the Luciferians have been using them and set them up as the fall guys. Not one thing Jews have done has been by their own design. It was all mapped out 50 years before Theodore Hertzel and even before Karl Marx. In line with this I believe that Hitler deliberately lost WW2 and Holohoax was planned to get debunked since its inception. However it doesnt necessarily mean that it didnt happen.

        • boris_batonov

          well the holohoax as its branded is 6,000,000 jews died under a state sponsored genocide and the murder weapon is homicidal mass gassing. that didn’t happen and can be proven to have been black psyops used to demonize the Germans. which makes since why the soviets would do it because its was NS German that started publicizing The Holodomor also known as the Terror-Famine and Famine-Genocide in Ukraine also I have been watching old German news reels and they had a lot of footage of Russian mass murder crime scenes they discovered with actual bodies and investigations un like the hoax where no crime scene investigation was ever ever ever done just by third person hearsay and affidavit at Nuremberg to justify the war and destroying Europe. what is true is the Germans put selected jews pressed into forced labor to work for the German war effort that is true and yes the jews carried lice and typhus. everyone suffered in the war . also the numbers of jews in the world today doesn’t support a genocide legend. there are more gypsy’s in Europe to day then ever before nothing to show a genocide for those people. the allies desperately need something to justify there pursuing a war that destroyed Europe and they had to make up the hoax that is why you cant question this so called event and everyone with a IQ over 90 should know if it happened like they say it happened the evidence would be there as a undisputed fact. so if you want to call forcing a couple hundred thousand jews to work in labor camps as a holocaust thats fine but just make sure you state what is really was .