In the ninth episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to writer Ryan Landry about America's descent into Weimerica, the rise of sexual degeneracy and social collapse, how the West can reverse its moral decline, and more.

On this week’s episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to neoreactionary writer and blogger Ryan Landry. Ryan is a contributor to Social Matter and Radix and also hosts the Weimerica Weekly podcast. In the first segment, Ryan and I discuss how America has become like the Weimar Republic, the prevalence of cuckoldry and other sexual fetishes, pornography addiction, the psychology behind social justice warriors, and much more.

In the second segment, Ryan and I discuss the reasons why America has become Weimerica. We also talk about the burgeoning worldwide conflict between globalists and nationalists, how Donald Trump could potentially reinvigorate America, how we can push back against Leftist subversion, and more.

This Alt-Right Life is presented by Chloe Luv. Intro song “The World is Changing” by Winglord.

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Sophie Tucker: “Foolin’ with the Other Woman’s Man

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  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Awesome! Two of my favorite shitlords together on one podcast.

  • MoralsAndDogma

    Finally someone on the alt-right making use of Winglord’s music. They’re fantastic and they never get brought up.

  • Peter

    There´s nothing wrong with sexual fetishes. It´s a liberation to be free of the previous hypocrisy, and this process is the reason why the left is (was) winning and the right is (was) hated. People don´t want moral overlords who know better what is good for them but they want self-determination. Which is the reason why they now turn against the White Genocide campaign of the jews. The same principle: self-determination.
    Those who claim to be against sexual fetishes, and porn in general, are just hypocrits and liars. And Free Speech for porn isn´t the problem but the restriction of Free Speech regarding racial truth, White Genocide etc.
    And I´m not alone in the movement calling out the prudery, Kai Muros, and prominently Arktos´own Guillaume Faye are decidedly against it. That degeneracy-talk is equally pointless as the gay-paranoia, and it is irresponsible to allow distraction with such chimeras when we are actually facing our extinction as White Race

    (but I liked the part about how females are violent and how childless middle-aged women are impossible bosses).

    • Sam

      The Frankfurt School would agree with you.

      From de Sade to Marcuse, sexual liberation, and it’s permanent quest to violate taboos for political ends, has been feature of the Left since the beginning. You regurgitate Leftist memes and don’t even know it.

      • Peter

        That doesn´t refer to what I said. I take liberty to think for myself irrespective of who agrees with me and who not.
        Frankfurt School and lefties are anti-white, nothing else. Am I anti-white? No. So what.

  • Anti-Gnostic

    Degeneracy, as in Roissy and Roosh and Roissy. Hitching their wagon to them destroys the credibility of those who call themselves neoreactionaries, especially if they are Christian. Roissy and Roosh despise women who are on the cock carousel, yet offer ways to “pump and dump” those same women, or even those women who are holding out for the right guy. Christian men in increasing numbers are being swayed to learn how to say sweet nothings in a young woman’s ear until her amygdala is overloaded. Plowing every orifice until his heart’s content, the supposed moral superior (men) never calls back…and has the audacity to call the woman a slut. She is now left to believe the only way to get an “upstanding fella” is to give in and have sex with them. Guys claim they want virginal women, or women with little sexual experience. However, they employ every trick in the book to bed them; when women refuse, guys label them “cold”. When they succumb, guys call them “sluts”. It’s a lose-lose situation. It is obvious that the father failed in his duty to properly instruct his son to refrain from trying to rut every women he sees. Curious, as I thought the Bible condemned sex outside of marriage. Yet, “Christian men” set aside Roosh and Roisy’s abject immoral behavior merely because they are anti-SWJ. Until they have a conversion experience and denounces their empire of sin that he created, their tools. They are our favorite uncles who are leeches, but somehow finds a way to buy us cool stuff or get free stuff. We know what he does is utterly contemptible, but as long as we get something out of it, we look the other way. Fascinating how some Christian men refuse to outright distancing themselves from a man who packages liberalism–the emancipation of one’s soul in pursuit of carnal knowledge outside of marriage.