It's not enough for Hollywood to constantly recycle the past: they need to spit on it as well. The all-female Ghostbusters reboot is a fine example of this, and it's a massive bomb that drips with contempt for White men and normality.

Ghostbusters and the Suicide of Cultural Marxism
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Whenever communist or socialist regimes rise to power, one of the first things they do is destroy the cherished symbols of the nation. The Soviet Union replaced Christmas with Stalin’s birthday and declared Ded Moroz (the Russian equivalent of Santa Claus) to be an affectation of the hated kulaks; Maoist China eradicated Confucian principles of filial piety by training children to spy on their parents and rat them out to commissars. The end goal was to sever any ties the population had to their families or cultures, replacing them with absolute loyalty to the state.

The recently released grrl power Ghostbusters reboot was birthed according to the same logic: it’s a Marxist defilement of a classic American film. Granted, a lot of the nerd whining about modern adaptations of cartoons/toys from the 80’s or earlier is itself a sign of cultural decline; if you’re crying about how Hollywood “ruined your childhood,” you’re a manchild who needs to grow up. The problem is that Americans didn’t simply kill God: we dumped His corpse on the side of the road for the buzzards to feast on. Pop culture effluvia is the only thing left that unites us as a people.

Feminist Ghostbusters is a terrible film for many, many reasons. It’s a confluence of Hollywood’s worst trends, from creative necrophilia and rapid-fire ADHD editing to an excess of CGI and characters who can’t have a conversation without screaming at each other. But more importantly, Ghostbusters is repulsive because it’s a deliberate subversion of a cherished piece of American culture. From beginning to end, everything about the movie is designed to slap White men in the face.

The film’s plot is largely the same as the 1984 original, revolving around a team of parapsychologists who specialize in catching ghosts. Kristen Wiig plays Dr. Erin Gilbert, a Columbia professor who is drawn back into studying the paranormal when she joins her ex-partner Dr. Abby Gates (Melissa McCarthy) and Dr. Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) to investigate a ghost sighting at a mansion. Eventually, the three of them (plus MTA worker Patty Tolan, played by Leslie Jones) are shanghaied into stopping Rowan North (Neil Casey) from bringing about the apocalypse.

While it certainly wasn’t impossible for the Ghostbusters reboot to be a good film, it’s clear the creators went out of their way to be as unfunny as possible. I attended a matinee screening of the movie, and not only was the theater barely a third full, almost no one laughed the entire time. Much like the similarly hyper-PC, female-focused Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ghostbusters is oblivious to the fact that its plot is driven by grimy, shopworn clichés. For example, token Black character Patty Tolan is a coward who is always running from danger, while the porcine Abby Gates is constantly eating (one particularly bad running joke involves her favorite Chinese take-out joint constantly messing up her orders).

Feminist Ghostbusters also ratchets up the anti-White, anti-male hatred to headache-inducing levels. For example, Chris Hemsworth portrays the Ghostbusters’ mentally damaged secretary Kevin, a clear stand-in for Annie Potts’ character in the original film. Thing is, while Janine Melnitz was ditzy and a bit slow, she was also lovable, charming and the protagonists respected her. The lady Ghostbusters treat Kevin with such eye-rolling contempt—and he’s so incompetent at his job—that it’s inexplicable why they don’t fire him or he doesn’t quit. Bill Murray also makes a cameo as a Penn Jillette-style skeptic who questions the Ghostbusters’ honesty and gets defenestrated in the process.

But it’s the film’s antagonist Rowan who truly gets the short end of the stick; he’s a socially retarded weirdo despised by everyone he meets. You can practically visualize the writers muttering “Fuck you, MRAs!” every time he pops up on screen. In fact, during the climax, McCarthy’s character taunts him by saying he “left [his] virginity in the Lost and Found,” and the final battle scene ends with the feminist Ghostbusters shooting Rowan (after he morphs into a cartoon version of the ghost logo from the original movie, another insult to the fans) in the crotch. Subtlety and nuance are not on the menu.

Make no mistake: everything about Feminist Ghostbusters is intended to trash the film it was based on and spit in the faces of everyone who ever liked it. It’s full of Leftist dogwhistles and blatant assaults on Whiteness and masculinity, all the better to rope in the pop culture-addled SJWs who serve as corporate America’s most faithful drones. Given that young Leftists need Hollywood to constantly affirm their beliefs—see all the bombastic headlines about how Amy Poehler “crushed” men’s rights activists or how John Oliver “destroyed” Donald Trump—I expect we’ll soon see a wave of listicles about how Ghostbusters “demolishes” anti-feminists.

Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to save the movie from box office ignominy. Ghostbusters fans have been revolting against the reboot in epic fashion: the film’s trailer is the most downvoted movie preview in YouTube history, and its toys are so unpopular that stores are already putting them on the clearance rack. Subverting a nation with cultural Marxism is like boiling a frog, and Feminist Ghostbusters has cranked the heat up so high that the polliwogs are jumping out of the pot.

In response, the Left has been pulling out all the stops, from director Paul Feig accusing his film’s detractors of misogyny to others claiming that the original Ghostbusters is “mediocre.” This is a classic gaslighting tactic by profaners from Pussy Riot to Chuck Klosterman: attack a beloved symbol, get people riled up, then ridicule them for getting upset. “God, it’s just a movie. Stop taking it so seriously.”

Well, you can’t punch someone in the face and claim it’s a kiss, and you can’t spend millions of dollars creating a Marxist funhouse movie reboot and claim it’s no big deal. The original Ghostbusters is to cinema what Talking Heads is to music: something that everyone—young and old, Black and White, hipster and normie—can enjoy. It may just be a comedy, but it’s a well-rounded and funny one that sprang from an original idea (the film’s premise was based in part off of Dan Aykroyd’s paranormal research).

Feminist Ghostbusters has none of this. There’s zero freshness in the plot, zero warmth in the characters, and zero mirth in the dialogue. At best, it’s a rancid cash-in on an iconic film franchise; at worst, it’s an open assault on White men. Don’t waste your time with it.

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Matt Forney is a Chicago-based author and journalist. He blogs at and is the author of several books, including Confessions of an Online Hustler. Matt's work has also been featured at Return of Kings, Taki's Magazine, Alternative Right and many other sites, and he also served as the editor of Reaxxion, a gaming website for men.

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  • Cobbett

    One of the few things I used to like about America was it’s cinema…absolute shit nowadays with it’s in-yer-face liberal rot. It says a lot about the state of the world when American ‘culture’ is all pervasive.

    • Forebearance

      No wonder older subtler civilizations are resisting the “Americanization” of the planet. Who in their right mind would want to adopt such a shallow, narcissistic, phony worldview?

  • It’s not “Cultural Marxism”. It’s plain old Menshevism, with a bit of sugar coating. See my article ”
    The decline of Western Civilisation… and why Marxists did not lose but win the Cold War” @

    • Mexicano

      Well said!

    • Forebearance

      I constantly hear shouting about the risks of America being overrun by “Sharia law”. What about the bottom-line Talmudic criminality we are living in now?!?

  • I’ve heard that the new Independence Day sequel also are another cultural marxist slur to avoid that also tries to damage the original movie that was lots of fun.

    • Harry Heller

      It sucked. Just badly written and performed. Very weak effects. Plot like swiss cheese.

  • Mexicano

    This is not cultural suicide but cultural homicide. The author makes the common mistake of thinking the perpetrators of this attack on our culture are white, western Europeans. They are not – they are Jewish. From Marx and the Frankfurt School onwards, the driving force behind cultural Marxism has been almost exclusively Jewish. Feig is Jewish; Hollywood is Jewish; and this film is just yet another expression of their desire to tear down Western civilisation, whatever the cost.

    • Heath

      Not completely disagreeing with you, but you do realize the original Ghostbusters was directed by a jew, right?

      • Mexicano

        No, didn´t know that.

        • Heath

          yeah, supposedly his parents were prisoners at Auschwitz. Point is someone, or a group (mostly Jews, of course), is directing traffic, telling them to go more and more antiWhite, anti-male, pro-feminist, etc.

          • Mexicano

            It´s amazing how many people survived Auschwitz,

            And, yes. We are definitely being played.

          • Forebearance
          • Erika Lancastor

            But why…?

          • Heath

            They’re communists.

            The goal is to break down borders and races and have a one-world utopian government. The type of racial communism we’re dealing with now is far more dangerous than the workers’ paradise in the USSR. They’ve figured most Whites aren’t mixing, so now they want to turn the West into a large-scale South Africa.

          • Erika Lancastor

            …Wow..! 0_0

          • Heath

            Also, the jewish and White oligarchs see borders as a hindrance to cheap labor and profits. They want everyone to be dumbed-down consumers, basically like 87-IQ Mexicans. That was the original plan.

      • BigGaySteve

        Fortunatly it was a jew that wanted to make money instead of degrade civilization.

      • Erika Lancastor

        Yeah. I was going to point that, myself.

  • chris perez

    The only entertaining aspect to this film is reading the articles from all the progressive sites defending and praising this movie. Look at this article from Jezebel and try to estimate the level of the authors delusion.

    • Forebearance

      A $3.5mil opening weekend won’t even cover the on-set catering bill.

      • BigGaySteve

        We are lucky school is out for the summer or they would be taking kids there via our taxes.

  • Flo

    Everything men have made beautiful, must be turned to ashes. Feminism

    • Erika Lancastor

      If it is made my a man (or “Men”) it must be destroyed. Even if it is a thing of great beauty or a boon to humanity, it is “Evil” by default, because it was created by a man.
      What un-Godly hatred and ignorance feminists have in their hearts and minds.

  • temmy9 .

    When your ideology is based around subversion, and you have nothing left to subvert, you begin to devour yourself.

    • Erika Lancastor

      Very well said!
      True, too.

  • heh heh
    Right On, Matthew~
    “Subverting a nation with cultural Marxism is like boiling a frog, and Feminist Ghostbusters has cranked the heat up so high that the polliwogs are jumping out of the pot.”

    “The original Ghostbusters is to cinema what Talking Heads is to
    music: something that everyone—young and old, Black and White, hipster
    and normie—can enjoy. It may just be a comedy, but it’s a well-rounded
    and funny one that sprang from an original idea (the film’s premise was based in part off of Dan Aykroyd’s paranormal research).”

    “We’re on a Mission From God,”

    Elwood Blues

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Fuck Hollywood movies. TV is where the real creativity is these days.

  • Is it bad to admit that I never liked the original Ghostbusters, anyway?

    • Harry Heller

      The movie does not hold up well at all.

      • Stripes is still awesome, though.

        • Harry Heller

          I TOTALLY AGREE! Watched it about a year ago; first time since a kid. Still laughed a lot.

      • LibertyWarrior

        Nope, wrong. The original “Ghostbusters” is awesome this new one sucks you know what. Everybody I have talked to says the original holds up and is a classic, except for you.

        • Erika Lancastor

          I love the original!

    • Erika Lancastor

      No, of course not.
      We all like what we like, and dislike what we dislike, as individuals.

  • Forebearance

    Dreck like this is why Hollywood keeps losing audience & market share. The studio heads tell investors “online piracy” is to blame for the plunging numbers, but it’s because the industry has turned its back on creativity and originality and tries to flog their dwindling base with P.C. crap.

    • Harry Heller

      I disagree. I see a lot of Hollywood films, and am very rightist. I think movies today are much better than in the past, despite the PC. Take the political baggage with a grain of salt. Movies today are not only better in terms of both effects and pacing, they are often more intelligently written, too (again, with the PC slant). I’m always amazed at how boring I find most “classic” films, and I do enjoy “elite” classic literature. Movies are entertainment, and should be seen as such alone. It’s nice when a 300 or a Lord of the Rings or even a Birdman or The Revenant (PC, but good) get made, but I usually do not have high expectations.

      Of course, the single most disgustingly PC movie I have ever seen is a tie between three Quentin Tarantino movies: Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight. All really bad films, too.

  • BrookaPea

    I wish I was dead

    • Erika Lancastor

      So do feminists and SJWs, Love. Don’t do them any favors! (0_o)
      Stay alive and help us beat them back, Okay?

  • Forebearance

    My antidote to this crap is to rewatch Double Indemnity, Laura, Casablanca, Asphalt Jungle, The Big Sleep or Brief Encounter for the umpteenth time to remind me what great films are all about.

  • Harry Heller

    You’re probably correct. I’ll still see GB2 (though I’ll pay for another movie, and then sneak into a showing of this one – NEVER support leftist movies with your hard-eaned money). I like the leads as actresses. They’re pretty talented.

    But let’s be real. The original GB was only good in the socio-psychological context of its era (1984, I think). I was a teen, laughed like hell, and had a good time. I saw GB again for only the second time a few years ago. I was bored to tears. It is NOT any kind of a great movie. I saw Star Wars again about 10 years ago, after a gap of nearly 30 years, and while the surprise factor was totally missing, I still more or less liked it (which says something for a primarily special effects movie).

    And REAL cultural Marxism is not so much about feminism as PC-multiculturalism (and these days, incessant pro-gay garbage – does EVERY contemporary drama or comedy have to have a gay character or sub-theme?). I’m sick of the lies constantly told about Negro slavery (not a good institution, but fairly innocuous by global standards of slavery); about the sainted Civil Rights movement (which is always portrayed positively, even though in historical fact many of the civil rights mobs were little better in behavior than the present BLM thug-apologists); about Martin Luther King, Jr. (a man with George Washington’s moral character he was not); and the constant portraying of minority and especially black characters as noble, pure, wise, brainy, witty, reliable, and courageously self-sacrificing (how accurately does that reflect real life in the USA?).

    We need a new heteronormative, pro-white, pro-Occidental cinema. Maybe it can arise from the indie sphere as digital filmmaking costs decline.

  • BigGaySteve

    I might not be the best judge of these things but couldn’t they have cast a feminine girl? Is any of the 4 over a 5/10?

    • Harry Heller

      One black (who might as well be lesbian, and maybe is); one lesbian; one fattie; and one so-so. No lookers in this one. You would have thought as a marketing and even comedic matter that there would have been a token hottie.

  • tiberius99

    Ghostbusters is one of those rare films that brings a range of character-types (Chads, nerds, normies, conspiracists) together to do a man’s job. When that happens, men edge closer to “renaissance man” by utilizing the stronger traits found within each sub-group… while tempering their weaker aspects.

    It also captures the modern archetypes better than the Campbellian hero-mythos does.

  • Sabretruthtiger

    Brilliant article, sums it up nicely. I mean the new world order, zionist central banking oligarchy’s cultural marxist destruction and takeover of the west is so mind-numbingly obvious I fail to see how libtards can be so dense as not to see it. Libtards love to hate on theistic religion but fail to see how their liberal ideology is their religion, making them react venomously to any facts that undermine their world view.

    • Erika Lancastor

      Yes, my boyfriend was saying that we are seeing the same feminist/SJW invasion into gaming and the comic book industry, as we are seeing in the film and television industry and for the same reasons.

  • Leandro Dos Santos França

    The Box Office is terrible too, this shit cost U$ 144 millions and more U$ 100 in advertisement, so to make profit it needs to U$ higher than U$ 244, but in the four first days only hit U$ 69 millions in the World. The Monday was terrible in the USA, only U$ 4.9 millions, “The Secret life of Pets” made U$ 6.7 millions. Here in Brasil it was a terrible weekend got the fourth place with U$ 2.2 millions. Batman vs Superman got U$ 12 millions. There is many post in the twitter saying that the rooms were empty. So The Feminism killed Ghostburters with a big help of Sony! The “Girl Power” didn´t work…

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  • Erika Lancastor

    I love how Paul Feig and the other ultra-left, feminists and SJWs like to say that the only people who hate this film and what they have done to the Ghostbusters, are “Misogynist”, “Man-Baby” Men.

    Okay, then. If that was the case, then why do so many of us women hate it, as well? Are they gonna call us a bunch of “Women-Babies”?
    They wouldn’t DARE!
    I find it hilarious, and even insulting that Feig and company will not even ACKNOWLEDGE the scores of women who detest this (obvious) propaganda reel, packaged as “entertainment”. And many of us despise it for the same reasons men do..!
    But, nopes! Not a word about it from Paul Fiend, and his bunch, or the media, and the like. NOT…A…WORD!

  • This is a spoof article, right? Also the original Ghostbusters WAS mediocre and pretty campy; that’s part of its charm. If you think the original was top-quality cinema then boy do I have news for you.