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Twilight of the Bernie Bros

I attended the anti-DNC sit-in at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park yesterday expecting to be entertained. Instead, I saw the last vestiges of Bernie Sanders' revolution wasting away in the sun.

This is how democratic socialism dies: not with a bang, not even with a whimper, just a bunch of confused hippies lying in the grass. Inside the border wall of the Democratic National Convention, red-baiting has become fashionable again, as sniveling Clinton courtiers and paid Mexico shills freak out over a White, Christian, conservative country possibly influencing the presidential election. Outside that big, beautiful wall, hundreds of spurned Bernie Bros watch their hopes and dreams die in real time.

Last night, as part of my intrepid exploration of the DNC, I ambled over to FDR Park, where angry Leftists have set up camp to protest the coronation of Hillary Clinton. I was hoping to see something exciting. Instead, I basically wandered into the middle of a Rainbow Gathering, sans the filthy hippie sex. The Berniecucks have transitioned into the final stage of grief—acceptance—with a minimum of tantrum throwing.

I arrived at the park around 7pm, after navigating the Byzantine maze that is the Broad Street Line, Philadelphia’s hilariously nonfunctional and primitive north-south subway. The southernmost station on the Line, where the Sports Complex (and DNC) are located, are technically behind the convention walls, but because SEPTA is too incompetent to have police check credentials beforehand, you can actually ride straight into the convention unmolested.

I disembarked at the Oregon stop and walked the last few blocks to FDR Park, which is located directly west and adjacent to the convention; indeed, you can walk up to the chain-link fence separating the beautiful people from the filthy, unshaved Untermenschen. Along the way, I saw Democracy Spring—one of many impotent Left-wing groups shaking their fists at Hillary Clinton this week—getting ready for a march in Marconi Plaza. Sound and fury, my friends: sound and fury.

The entrance to FDR Park was blocked off with Jersey barriers and occupied by a giant “FOOD NOT BOMBS” banner. Inside, the park resembled an #OccupyWallStreet squat, with two tent camps and an assortment of skinny Whites milling about. Near the front, the Green Party had set up a booth and were shilling for Jill Stein; behind the baseball diamond, a stage had been set up, where a godawful musician was singing off-key to an mostly empty audience. Around me, hipsters carried signs with delightful slogans such as “Hillary is a Lying Cunt” and “Harambe’s Killer Walks Free.”

My security guy showed up around this time, as I was broadcasting for Red Ice (see our coverage here). As I wrapped up with Henrik and Lana, I filmed Democracy Spring as they marched into the park, chanting “DEMOCRACY SPRING SIT-IN, SIT-IN!” We then circled around back to the stage, where the Sharon Van Etten wannabe had given away to a series of speakers. The motley crew included a Bernie Sanders delegate from Tennessee who had walked out of the DNC, a hysterical Jewish lesbian who called Hillary’s victory a “coup,” and a Black DNC employee in a “Bernie 2016” who was clearly there to shill for the Lizard Queen herself. As we left FDR Park, we were confronted with an anti-DNC bike ride going in and Democracy Spring marching out.

If one word sums up the whole gathering, it’s this: “sad.” Bernie Sanders, for better or for worse, had stirred up a genuine populist revolt against the Wall Street-owned mandarins of the Democratic Party. Had he stood his ground and refused to play ball with the party, he could have become the leader of a Ron Paul-style insurgent movement. Instead, he chose to become the DNC’s court eunuch, leaving his foot soldiers without a general. Even as the speakers exhorted their audience to keep Sanders’ revolution alive, it’s clear they were beaten-down and defeated.

While there was some action later that night, with Leftists trying to break down the fence to the DNC, it’s clear that there will be no Leftist Spring in Philadelphia. Hillary’s coronation will proceed unhindered, and the human driftwood that have been feeling the Bern will either amble into the Green camp or stay home on Election Day. A future to believe in, a future that never will be.

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  • ScrewtapeSessions

    “Instead, he chose to become the DNC’s court eunuch, leaving his foot soldiers without a general.”

    Indeed. The Bern self-immolated and took whatever ‘movement’ he had inspired along with it, leaving in his wake the kind of disenfranchisement and apathy that he was supposedly working to end.

    And now he is being touted as some kind of martyr instead of the tool that he is; a passionate but weak man with poor leadership instincts. An independent, turned Party shill, turned Party reject, that attempted to benefit from the very machine that he supposedly was railing against is hardly a man demonstrating his mettle.

    Is it ‘ironic’ that his highest accomplishment is now that of a victim? Or is it just the natural outcome of an entire ideology based on an entrenched elite pulling the strings of their divisive victim classes clamoring for cash and prizes from the gubment feelz machine?

    When his gibsmedat free college speech was abruptly hijacked by BLM stealing his microphone on his own stage, we saw a microcosm of what he – and his movement, was really about.

    We saw the weakness that accompanies emotive pandering upon the slippery slope of leftist dogma. And just as varying degrees of socialist, emotional indulgences into the rainbow of lies can work on some level – in places like (96% white) Vermont or Denmark, we also see how quickly the facade crumbles when extrapolated beyond the collective delusions of a small, homogeneous, insular population of virtue-signaling UMC drones.

    The honor and integrity that his followers project upon him falls quite flat when juxtaposed with his actions. Sure, compared to the Clintons he is an honorable man, and he has seemingly been consistent in his willingness to take-a-knee in favor of the darker underclass, but his tactics in maneuvering among the elites, the aggrieved, and the victim-class crab-pot that defines the Democratic party were that of a man well over his skis.

    An independent who pulls the Party cloak over his shoulders because he desires the benefits of the Party machine and then attempts to bring down the powers that run that machine, only to get schooled and fooled by those same powers is hardly a man of integrity or honor.

    And then his response? To shoe-horn his movement behind one of the worst abusers in Amerikan Politik in endorsing Hillary. And then when his victim status is publicly affirmed via some e-mail leakage? He quietly exits stage left back to his “independent” status, as if turning his back on the Party he just endorsed is honorable. None of this should be surprising.