In the 19th episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to anti-feminist YouTube host Zerse on the Brock Turner rape case, how hookup culture has lead to the current epidemic of false rape accusations, and more.

On this special episode of This Alt-Right Life (recorded because there was no new episode last week), I talk to anti-feminist YouTube host Zerse. In the first segment, we discuss the Brock Turner rape case, how our culture of sexual nihilism led directly to Turner’s “rape,” and the incoherence of the Left’s views on sexuality and consent. Zerse and I also discuss how false rape accusations are trivializing real rapes, how sexual liberation played a role in today’s epidemic of false accusations, and much more.

In the second segment, Zerse and I discuss the deteriorating relations between men and women in the West. We talk about how sexual promiscuity hurts men and women, how feminism inflames the worst tendencies of women, why the media is pushing women to become prostitutes and porn stars, and more.

This Alt-Right Life is presented by Chloe Luv and Davis Aurini. Intro song “The World is Changing” and second segment intro song “Dance of the Victorious” by Winglord.

Please note that This Alt-Right Life will resume its normal schedule on Monday.

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