In the past couple of weeks, we've watched Hillary Clinton, favored pet of the globalist cabal, collapse in record time. The Leftist hydra is so inept and corrupt that it's astounding they've held on to power this long.

The title of this article is a quote from Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins, blurted out after he heard about his niece getting a job as a secretary with a high official in the British administration while he was running an insurgency against them from the slums of Dublin. They’re the words that come to mind when I watch the screaming, arterial spray-laden Troma flick death of not just the Hillary Clinton campaign, but the globalist dream.

Basic logic dictates that people like Clinton and George Soros are intelligent, or at least competent; you don’t get to be ruler of the world without knowing what you’re doing. But the past couple of weeks have exposed the American Left as a band of boobs, Spaceballs without the charm. Everyone from the Lizard Queen herself to her nauseating courtiers in the media has the IQ of a slug and the social acuity of a hobo on bath salts.

Where do I start with this parade of inanity? Hillary’s epic fall in New York two weeks ago is good enough. On the 15th anniversary of the deadliest terror attack in American history, the chosen candidate of the neocons had a seizure while walking back to her car. Instead of taking her to the hospital, her handlers took her to her daughter’s apartment (because they’ve dealt with her major malfunctions before), while the Pravda media rushed to concoct a story for the rubes. First Hillary was overheated… on a 70 degree day. Then she had pneumonia… yet her handlers let her walk around and infect other people.

Assuming they don’t laugh themselves to death over one of the leaders of a world superpower declaring war on a cartoon frog, historians will cite Hillary’s 9/11 collapse as the turning point of not just the campaign, but the war against globalism. The symbolism of a presidential candidate having a severe seizure during the remembrance of one of America’s greatest national tragedies—not withstanding her other health problems—is too much for the government-media complex to cover up. And unsurprisingly, Hilldog’s poll numbers have tumbled since she tumbled, triggering Leftists across the nation with night terrors of a Trump presidencyCry more.

Then came the next big DNC dox drop. Two days after Hillary Dumpty took a big fall, Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 dumped another motherload of hacked Democratic server files online. My own investigations into the DNC leak showed evidence of insider trading, electoral fraud and elaborate gerrymandering plans, among other things, but the most moronic revelation was the DNC’s hilariously poor financial security. The Democrats had stored their donors’ credit card info in plain text, unencrypted Excel spreadsheets, meaning anyone who downloaded the leaked files could go on a shopping spree with other peoples’ money. Hey, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The Left wants to blame Julian Assange’s DNC leaks on Russian hackers, when the reality is that their cybersecurity is so bad that a teenage script kiddie could break in. That’s basically what happened when a George Soros-backed PR firm tried to launch, a website designed to scare middle Americans into believing that the Donald is Moscow’s Manchurian candidate. Hours before the site was due to go live, Wikileaks and GotNews researchers broke in, screencapped all the content, and systematically debunked it. This was made possible by the fact that the password to access the site was… “putintrump.” Somebody failed Comp Sci 101.

But the mother of all short bus riders on the Hillarymobile is Paul Combetta, aka “stonetear.” Remember when FBI Director James Comey dismissed charges against Clinton because he said that she lacked the “intent” to commit national security crimes? Internet sleuths did his job for him last week and discovered Combetta, an IT toady for Hillary, had left posts on Reddit asking how to strip her name from emails—the emails she was being investigated for deleting—with direct orders from the Hildabeest herself.

The stupidity of what I just relayed to you is so wince-inducing that merely typing it out makes my eyeball twitch. Ponder the bottomless idiocy of someone asking for information on how to commit a federal crime on a publicly accessible forum. This is on the level of a balding vice cop in Doc Martens offering “marijuana cigarettes” to high schoolers. Keepin’ it real, mang! Real dumb.

Our enemies aren’t just evil degenerates: they’re stupid, evil degenerates. They’re so empty-headed and arrogant that they leave their houses unlocked, their wallets on the table and their email passwords set to “123456.” No wonder Pepe the Frog has them doubled up in conniption fits! Not only that, the incompetence of the Hillary campaign makes cuckservatives’ fifty-year failure to fight the Left even more pathetic and laughable. If you dorks weren’t so ineffectual and nice, we could have beaten these people ages ago.

Tomorrow night is the first presidential debate, which is shaping up to be the most watched television program in the U.S. all year. With Trump having made mincemeat of his GOP challengers in the primary and Hillary one expired modafinil table from another seizure, we will be heartily entertained at the very least. If the Left is going to keep self-destructing like this, then the Trumps might as well start shopping for new White House drapes.

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Matt Forney is a Chicago-based author and journalist. He blogs at and is the author of several books, including Confessions of an Online Hustler. Matt's work has also been featured at Return of Kings, Taki's Magazine, Alternative Right and many other sites, and he also served as the editor of Reaxxion, a gaming website for men.

  • SteDo

    I think the Leftists of old were far better than their current counterparts. Peace, or conservative capitulation, has cost the left its strength; the new leftists simply aren’t the equal of the ones who came before. The new Right that is rising is young and hungry, and shit’s about to get real. I think the left knows it’s in for some body blows, and it’s terrified.

    • Ryan Clarke

      What is more likely to happen is that Hillary will eke out a victory and spend the next four years prosecuting the alt-right as a hate group. It will get ugly and the alt-right will most likely get the acronym agencies all over them; its all fun and games until you can disrupted, co-opted, and strange things start happening to you.

  • Ye Deplorable Uncucker

    I will admit to being a little nervous about the debate tomorrow night. I hope Trump is well prepared for anything and everything.

    • Greg McKinney

      He wasn’t. He whiffed. He relied on her falling over after 30 minutes. I could see the writing on the wall from all of Alex J’s crowing and “wild horses couldn’t drag me from this debate” blah blah. Next time, Donald, next time.

  • Tom the Wizard

    I once has a discussion with a retiring engineer from a major auto manufacturer. He said that when he hired in, he could see only so far up the food chain, but realized that these people were all idiots. He assumed that they people at the top were the real smart guys. Now, as he was retiring, he could see all the way to the top, and you know what? They are all idiots. This company runs in spite of the people in charge, not because of them. This seems to be true of lots of corperations as well as the Globalists. We can beat them because we are smarter than they are. We just don’t realize it.

    • VaronosMinxaouzen

      That is why these guys may never make anything new and usefull, the first industrialists had to make their prototypes and find how to mass produce them. Today the next batch is worse than the one before and you can see it in the drop of the quality of services and products.

      Not to mention the fact that many businessmen today cannot differentiate between what is a service and what is a product!

  • VaronosMinxaouzen

    The reason why they were successful was the result of their stupidity. It might sound weird now but most people do not care for facts. The only reason this has changed is because the current situation is unbearable.

    The cuckservatives lost for two reasons: 1st they did not want to fight the left, just the one that was supported by the U.S.S.R.. 2nd they tried to use facts and arguments against the left. The reason that was a grand mistake was the fact that most people are impulsive and emotional. This makes them shortsighted and ego-centric.

    In the world never before the past 200 years the idea of revisiting democracy was considered legit after the fall of the republic in Rome. There was a good reason for this: The People cannot understand indirect threats against them. Pat Bucannan warned everyone about 2 indirect threats:
    1. Uncontrolled immigration
    2. Economic fallout
    No one but few managed to get it then. Now though the threats that the left brought are direct and need difficult solutions. That it why the people, in nearly the whole world, are awakening to their previous stupidity. George S. and his ilk are responsible for what happened, but the People never stood against them when it was easy.

    I need to point out that I am supportive of anyone who will vote for meaningful change and that If there is to me any such choice (I am Greek) I will go to vote for it, but the People of all the countries of the West brought through their shortsightedness this to themselves. If we manage to save ourselves we need to make a new elite to protect us from hostile influences, either they are direct (ISIS) or Indirect (George S. and his ilk) and not ask us for what it should be done for bleeding hearts demanding lighter pseudo-solutions.

  • Rhyme Or Reason

    “If you dorks weren’t so ineffectual and nice, we could have beaten these people ages ago.”

    And saved countless lives in the process. Political Correctness Kills.

  • R.C. Smith

    The dominant identifying feature of modern western leftism is white-hating racism. I’d say it’s 80% of their program. Substituting race for the various economic causes they used to believe in allows them to live the fat lifestyle without answering any embarrassing questions about wealth distribution as it applies to them. The more they scream about white privilege the more their privileges grow. Hillary’s hood is less than 1% black.

    “Conservatives” didn’t really fail, to say they failed is to misunderstand the nature and goals of the conservative elite. They’re basically just a business lobby whose political business is selling out the interests of their overwhelmingly white constituents to Wall Street and the dominant leftist cultural establishment for cash and prizes. In many ways their performance over the last 50 years has been brilliant. They’ve quietly delivered their voters to the gas chamber doors, figuratively speaking, while retaining their votes and donations. Course, it was a game that couldn’t last, eventually they’ll run out of white slaves to sell, but look how long they’ve made a killing out of it! And it isn’t over.

    The tactical answer is they, and yes (((they))), control the media. Politics is a subset of the general culture and when you control the media you’ll dominate politics. Access to the broadcast media for reasonably sizable political groups should be considered a human right in a democracy. Conservatism is constitutionally unable to take on Big Media out of fear, because they really don’t care about the liberal agenda outside of business, and because they can’t bring themselves to oppose anything big business desires. Anti-monopoly laws should be reenacted limiting the amount of media any one company can own. Affirmative Action should be applied to Jews in the media in recognition of their long history of racial discrimination in Hollywood and the television industry. This isn’t hardship on them, it’s bringing them under the same laws the rest of us have to live with. Why should they be super-citizens with rights and privileges above everybody else? Corporations who rely on broadcast licenses should be required to make air-time available to rebuttals, with a specific recognition of the half-century long white-hating racism of these organizations as the main thing requiring criticism. These things may never happen, but this is the mentality the right has to develop if it wants to win anything – quite frankly victim hood, grievance, and entitlement. The values of winners, the values of the left.

  • Gladius

    modafinil “tablet” you meant to say??

  • Ryan Clarke

    60 years ago; a person earning what would be $50,000 today would pay an effective tax rate of 22%. Today you would pay an effective tax rate of 17%. How did conservatives “fail”? See- it’s easy to sit around and say “conservatives failed”. Haha, they failed. Things are wrong with America so therefore they failed. That’s not how adults process the world. Because things aren’t ideal isn’t failure. Well it is if you don’t consider facts or logic. By this simplistic standard, everyone failed. Every CEO, every politician, every person with responsibility. But you don’t hear people with responsibility speak this way because you realize you there’s a higher threshold for dubbing people failures than the mere existence of problems. It is very, very, very easy to complain….it is much harder to propose credible alternatives.