In the 25th episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to filmmaker Cassie Jaye about her new documentary The Red Pill, feminism and the men's rights' movement, the decaying state of relationships between men and women, and more.

On this episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to Cassie Jaye. Cassie is an American filmmaker and the creator of The Red Pill, a documentary examining the men’s rights’ movement, feminism and relationships between men and women in America. In the first segment, we discuss why she created The Red Pill, the backlash she suffered from feminists when she began making the documentary, how studying the mens’ rights movement forced her to reevaluate her feminist beliefs, and much more.

In the second segment, Cassie and I discuss the deteriorating relationship between men and women in the West. We talk about how feminism is fueling distrust and anger between men and women, how men and women can reconcile their differences, and more.

This Alt-Right Life is presented by Chloe Luv and Davis Aurini. Intro song “The World is Changing” by Winglord, second segment intro song “24 Ghosts III” by Nine Inch Nails.

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