Live interview on RT News about the terror attack in Berlin, the non-existent Schengen border checks, and remigration as the only long-term solution to Islamist terror.

I once again join the RT News team to discuss current events in Europe related to the migration crisis. This time the Berlin terrorist who managed to cross no less than three national border controls before being stopped and killed in a random check in Italy. And that the only way to solve the problem with Islamist terror is a comprehensive deportation program to get these people out of Europe.

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Daniel Friberg holds an MBA from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University. He has previously conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also a co-founder of, as well as co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of "Return of the Real Right: A Handbook for the True Opposition" (Arktos, 2015). Official Facebook page