In the 34th episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to author Eve Penman about her successful ten-year tax protest against the U.S. government, how to fight the IRS and win, life as a Trump supporter in a far-Left state and more.

On this episode of This Alt-Right Life, I talk to writer and entrepreneur Eve Penman. Eve is a stenographer, former court reporter and the author of Unpopular Opinions: 20 Dissenting Arguments Compiled from the Blog of Eve Penman. In the first segment, we discuss Eve’s recent victory in her ten-year tax protest against the U.S. government, how American taxpayers can fight onerous taxation policies, how the American tax structure discourages hard work and entrepreneurship, and much more.

In the second segment, Eve and I discuss politics in her home county and Washington state. We discuss her work in transforming her formerly Democratic home into a bastion of Trump support, why Trump was able to convert so many former Democrats and apolitical Americans, our predictions for the coming year, and more.

This Alt-Right Life is presented by Chloe Luv and Davis Aurini. Intro song “The World is Changing” by Winglord, second segment intro song “Shadilay” by P.E.P.E.

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Unpopular Opinions: 20 Dissenting Arguments Compiled from the Blog of Eve Penman

  • Peter

    I like very much this thinking about the menial work that just needs to be done, great that this is once at last addressed. That´s one of my main points in all our WN situation (that “March of the Titans”-guy Arthur Kemp has that as the pivotal point, don´t have googles do the menial work, this has always been the beginning of the end of White civilisations!). Growing up, I was outraged by seeing immigrant workers do those jobs because they don´t belong here. My argument is: I am a free market guy, and we do not have a shortage of Whites willing to do this work, we have a shortage of adequate PAYMENT for this work!

    I saw the whole generation go to university, all SJW-blabbermouths going there while it was clear that they´ll never get a job with these majors, only persisting on government jobs… ok in short: so f*cking pay 100 $/h for the cleaning job, then there is no workforce shortage ! For f***s sake. People go to university purely out of vanitiy because menial work is considered low social status, so let´s see if those fake-government workers still consider themselves high social status when the cleaning person makes 3x their income. So THAT´S the way to deal with the situation, and it´s occasion for my eternal remark: we don´t have too much free market but TOO LITTLE free market. And what is called capitalism or free market and is blamed for all the existing problems is right NOT free market but the most crooked racket and collusion under the pretense of being free market economy

    (for clarification: we don´t have freedom of association for Whites, we are not allowed to exlude googles from the workforce, only doing that would raise wages for menial work to the level of balance between vanity for white collar jobs and attractive incentive for low status jobs).

    • vj

      It’s important to understand that when someone pays an illegal immigrant $10/hr to pick apples, because no American will do it, that immigrant is probably really making something like $15/hr or even $20/hr.

      This is because the illegal is likely getting food stamps, possibly a housing allowance from the feds or the state authorities, health care, earned income credit when they file their taxes, and numerous other governmental subsidies.

      This isn’t coming frm your tax dollars – because your tax dollars aren’t enough to pay for everything the federal government buys every year.

      This is why the government borrows $300 ~ $1,000 billion a year.

      The bonds the government issues go to foreign governments and others who then exert control over the US.

      The additional unearned income injected into the system drives up the real inflation rate – not the fake number the feds report every quarter.

      In sum, these people are literally destroying the country; at the level of labor, and at the macro level.

      They need to go.