Fundraiser, coming in 2017, bestsellers of 2016 and more.

Fundraiser: Four Days Left!

There are only four days left of our continuing Kickstarter campaign for Identitarian Ideas IX — in what will be the biggest AltRight event in Europe in 2017 — and we have already reached 75 % of our goal; but we still need about 1600 USD (15 000 SEK). This campaign will also finance the English edition of the book Rising from the Ruins, an introduction to the AltRight by Swedish author Joakim Andersen. Make sure to get your conference tickets and pre-order the book while the Kickstarter lasts, as tickets are quickly selling out.

The conference will take place in Stockholm on Saturday, February 25, and the Kickstarter ends on New Year’s eve, so make sure to make your pledges as soon as possible not to miss out. You will find the Kickstarter here: Identitarian Ideas IX – Rising from the Ruins.

Arktos’ Accomplishments in 2016

  • We published more high profile titles than in any previous year, while maintaining our publishing goals.
  • We commissioned over 17 translations, more than double the translations of any previous year.
  • Our sales increase was more than double that of 2014-2015.
  • Our core staff made 35 appearances in speeches, lectures, radio and TV interviews, and in 16 newspaper interviews.
  • We raised over 28 000 GBP in Kickstarter campaigns.
  • We co-organised the biggest AltRight conference in Europe, ‘Identitarian Ideas’, in Stockholm, on October 1st, and sponsored a conference in Slovakia during the Summer.

We vow to continue this winning trend in 2017, by working even harder. This is our New Years’ resolution to you, our dear supporters.

Coming in 2017

Note: Working titles

  • Handbook for Right-Wing Youth and other books by Julius Evola.
  • Ethnosociology and a sequel to The Fourth Political Theory by Alexander Dugin.
  • Occult and Subversive Movements and Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey by Kerry Bolton.
  • Travels in Nihilism by Stephen P. Leonard.
  • French edition of A Europe of Nations by Markus Willinger.
  • Ur ruinerna/Rising From the Ruins by Joakim ‘Oskorei’ Andersen.
  • Understanding Alexander Dugin by Michael Millerman.
  • Dissident Dispatches from Divinity School by Andrew Fraser.
  • Czech edition of Generation Identity by Markus Willinger.
  • Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age by Ricardo Duchesne.
  • Remaining volumes of Svenska folkets underbara öden by Carl Grimberg.

… and many more.

Popular Books

Published in 2016

The Colonisation of Europe by Guillaume Faye

$28.00 Paperback

$36.95 Hardback

Archeofuturism 2.0 Guillaume Faye

$18.25 Paperback

$29.95 Hardback

The Consequences of Equality by Matthew S. Battaglioli

$13.00 Paperback

A jobboldal visszatér by Daniel Friberg

1 615 Ft Paperback

Prometheus and Atlas by Jason Reza Jorjani

$36.50 Paperback

$49.95 Hardback

The Indo-Europeans by Alain de Benoist

$17.50 Paperback

$29.50 Hardback

Notable Articles, Videos and Podcasts

Live interview with Daniel Friberg on RT News about the terror attack in Berlin, the non-existent Schengen border checks, and remigration as the only long-term solution to Islamist terror.

Autism and the Extreme Male Brain by Roderick Kaine

Excerpt from Smart and SeXy (Arktos, 2016)

Guillaume Faye Does Fiction: Archeofuturism 2.0 by Ann Sterzinger

Review of Archeofuturism 2.0 (Arktos, 2016)

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