In the 35th episode of This Alt-Right Life, Davis Aurini, the Bechtloff and I look back on the great year that was 2016, the triumph of the alt-Right and the defeat of the Left, what the new year has in store for the West, and more.

On this episode of This Alt-Right Life, I welcome back Canadian author and filmmaker Davis Aurini and YouTube host the Bechtloff for a look back at the Right’s triumphs in 2016. In the first segment, we discuss the victories the alt-Right has had in the past year, how we can continue to take the fight to the Left, the rise of nationalism across the globe, and much more.

In the second segment, Davis, Bechtloff and I discuss the coming cultural shift away from degeneracy in the West. We talk about the repeated failures of Leftist projects such as Ghostbusters, why the alt-Right will need to change tactics to stay effective, the restoration of virtue in pop culture and more.

This Alt-Right Life is presented by Chloe Luv and Davis Aurini. Intro song “The World is Changing” by Winglord, second segment intro song “Shadilay” by P.E.P.E.

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As I Walk These Broken Roads

Out of the irradiated wastes comes a soldier. On the far edge of the trade routes, in a small farming community, there lives a mechanic. Two men from a previous era, surviving through steel and cunning in a world of degenerated philosophy; a world where the old tech is treated with savage, animistic worship. A […]

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  • Ernst Almgren

    Yeah worshiping Odin that our ancestors did thousands of years is ridiculous. Kneeling to a jewish carpenter that walks on water is totally logical. You guys should be aware of that the greatest intellectuals running this site and arktos are actually pagans, dont bite the hands that feeds you. Maybe Aurinis ancestors always worshiped the same god as the goatherders, but my ancestors followed Odin and so do i.

    • Rhyme Or Reason

      Both are ridiculous.

      • Ernst Almgren

        Being atheist is ridiculous.

  • Rutger3

    The problem with christianity is that it is pacifict. And that it has been defeated by science, from a much stronger position than it is in now. And it is invariably defeated by islam when in close contact. The only times christianity defeated islam its been with homogenous and secular societies that do not practice christian morality. Where christianity might have played to rule of coordinator or somesuch.

    Hence, peple look for alternatives, without pacifism ingrained in it. But trying to recreate ancient paganism is not possible. And it would be recreating something that was already defeated by christianity once.

    • Ernst Almgren

      We were defeated by marxism also, that doesnt mean that nationalism is invalid for the future. Science is great, but we need a spiritual faith as well, people are not gonna risk their life in the fight for their race in the name of Hitchens or Dawkins.

      • Rutger3

        Whatever we build, it must have roots in reality, not just in abstraction.

        • Ernst Almgren

          Love is abstract, beauty is abstract. We dont “need” white people, danes, germans or swedes. Why do you think most scientists today are globalists? Why not build a planet without borders, races “and no religion too” (to quote another famous atheist ;-)) its totally rational. To fight for future generations that we wont live to see is based on transcendence and higher virtues that goes far beyond anything that science can explain today. Religio in “religion” means “to bind back” that is to connect the precent with the ways of our ancestors and to the unknowing future of our descendents, that is very abstract.

          • Rutger3

            To quote my compatriot Esias Tegnér:
            What’s said obscurely is what’s thought obscurely.

            In other words, You sir, is an idiot. Pretending to be clever. I have no patience with charlatans.

          • Ernst Almgren

            Tegner, a very spiritual man by the way 🙂