Welcome to Right On

Hogern-kommer-tillbaka-croppedAmong the ruins of European culture, the need for an alternative has never been greater. The established political structures have failed the population of our diminished continent. They offer little of value to the Europeans of today, and nothing for those of tomorrow.

Going beyond the narrow minded protests of populism, and above the ever more infantile meme-fest now known as public discourse, Right On is an online resource for the rising True Right of Europe. There is much to be done. Political discussion must once again be led by people who are mature, but not yet senile. It needs to focus on things which are happening in the real world, and on principles that can improve or rectify them.

Right On aims to provide such a focus, offering food for thought and alternative points of view on what is going on, and what can be done about it. Building a radical, non-violent, principled, and effective new Right in Europe is, in our view, the only reasonable political option left to us in the wake of the Left’s collapse into juvenile confusion, and the outright treason of large sections of both the old liberal and conservative establishment.

On this Website you will find news, analysis, a growing online community, and much more. Browse around, and we are sure that you will find much to your liking. Remember: it’s good to be Right!