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Introducing AltRight.com

We are pleased to announce the creation of AltRight.com, a new collaboration between Right On, Radix and Red Ice.

Lars Holger Holm

On Modern Art

The political truth of Europe at this time was that democracy, faint and pale, panted for its life on the fringes of the continent. Meanwhile, two tyrannosaurs conjured by a common revolutionary spirit that had recently destroyed and discarded entire empires, had been set against each other in the historical arena. In this extraordinary situation the even more extraordinary happens: Art, hitherto blowing petrol on every existing revolutionary fire in Europe and elsewhere, ecstatically watching every vestige of old Europe going up in flames, suddenly declares itself innocent. And as though that weren’t even enough, it is now: The Victim!

Guillaume Faye

The Historic Nature of Islam: The Invention of Totalitarianism

From the death of Muhammad in 632 CE in Medina to the time when Charles Martel stopped the callous Muslim-Arab conquest in its tracks at Poitiers in 732 CE, the Muslims managed to take over all of Arabia, the Middle-East, Egypt, North Africa and Spain in the space of a single century, beginning in the small area of ​​the Arabian Peninsula known as the Hejaz.

Matt Forney

The Silence of the Wolves

Silenced, the new documentary from Mike Cernovich and Loren Feldman, is a good primer on how the Left has been suppressing free speech in America and the West. However, mediocre direction and editing keep it out of the halls of greatness.

Marcus Follin

The Virtue of an Attractive Culture: The Culture War

The cultural- and metapolitical war for Mother Evropa is in full swing and many glorious victories have been won over the last year, both politically and metapolitically. Politically we have seen both Brexit and Trump as the President elect. Metapolitically we have seen the terms such as cuck (probably the best derogatory term ever to describe liberal-leftists) gain great amounts of ground and feminism and other heretical and delusional ideologies have continuously lost their credibility at a rapid pace.

Matt Forney

Los Angeles: A Vision of the Globalist Future

It's one thing to imagine the ways that globalization will destroy the West; it's quite another to see them in action. A recent trip to L.A. gave me an unsettling glimpse at the Left's plan to unmake America and Europe.

Matt Forney

How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

The Red Pill, Cassie Jaye's documentary on the men's rights' movement, is an informative watch for those unacquainted with the destructiveness of Western feminism. However, dedicated alt-Righters may find it lacking.

Anton Stigermark

Man vs Superman

Batman vs Superman depicts the conflict between mankind and a Homeric type of god in the figure of Superman, although unfortunately the film decides to abandon the potential complexities of this theme for Hollywood-style action thrills.

Alain de Benoist

Alain de Benoist on Cats

Alain de Benoist takes a break from political analysis to discuss one of his great loves: cats, as well as their history as the companion of writers and in mythology, and whether by nature cats are more Right- or Left-wing.

Matt Forney

Ghostbusters and the Suicide of Cultural Marxism

It's not enough for Hollywood to constantly recycle the past: they need to spit on it as well. The all-female Ghostbusters reboot is a fine example of this, and it's a massive bomb that drips with contempt for White men and normality.

Chad Crowley

Reclaiming our Ancestors

By losing control of its understanding of its own history and ceding it to those who impose subjective, egalitarian, and universalist notions, Western civilization has put itself at the mercy of those who are seeking to undermine it. It is only be returning to a specifically Western and unapologetic concept of European history that our identity will be able to survive.

Ann Sterzinger

Climate Hustle Fail

Marc Morano's climate-change heresy flick is a great idea—but the execution is so bad I wanted to put my eyes out.