Lars Holger Holm

The Siege of Constantinople

The battle between Islam and Christianity precipitating the fall of Constantinople was an event that for ever changed the course of history. Breathtakingly rendering the internal struggle of the Byzantine capital under deadly constriction, and the occult high-stake political game surrounding it, The Owls of Afrasiab also tells the story of the dangerous passion uniting the Genoese commander leading the city's defence with Hadije, one of the wives of the late Sultan Murad, determined to avenge herself for the murder of her baby boy ordered by the young and lethally ambitious Sultan Mehmet II.

Guillaume Faye

An Extraordinary Object — An Archeofuturistic Short Story

In the course of her research, Prof. Giana Vortt, of the Historical Institute, had made an astonishing discovery, but she didn’t dare speak of it much. The archeological dig she had undertaken on a site near the Ocean seemed to back up her theory that the mysterious civilisation of which the legends spoke had actually existed, and disappeared more than thirty centuries ago. Some of the rumors said it was only twenty centuries before, others ten. In reality, no one knew, exactly.

Daniel Friberg

Rising From the Ruins: Identitarian Movement in Europe

I had the privilege of once again being a guest on the latest episode of Red Ice Radio, where we discussed Trump's victory and it's effects on the rest of the World, the upcoming Identitarian Ideas conference, the recent political victories and losses in Italy and Austria, as well as a number of other current topics.

Right On Staff

Identitarian Ideas IX — Rising from the Ruins

Since this will most likely be the most important AltRight event in Europe — and possibly the World — in 2017, we urge you to get your tickets now not to miss out (we have set a limit of attendants at 300), as well as pre-purchase the English edition of this book.

Guillaume Faye

The Republic of Flanders: The Last Fires — An Archeofuturistic Short Story

At the moment of the great collapse, in 2025, the luck of history had allowed one tiny European territory to escape total catastrophe. Here is how the events unfolded: at the start of the second decade of the twentieth century, various small groups of people had seen the storm coming and had organised themselves in networks. The most striking thing about these networks was their diversity; they transcended all social divisions.

Guillaume Faye

Apollo Will Return — An Archeofuturistic Short Story

As soon as she understood that this was the end, Jeanne decided that the best thing to do would be to transmit a testimonial to her civilisation to future generations. It was useless to consider electronic formats — the old DVDs, the dead computers, the USB keys that were useless now that nothing could read them; the webcloud devoid of subscribers . . .

David Gellerman

Identitarian Ideas – A First Time Visitor’s Reflections

The event is something of a microcosm of the Sweden and Europe that we nationalists would create – open-minded, forthright, with a low degree of tolerance for untruths, hypocrisy and the official code of silence, but with a high degree of tolerance for our diversity, for realism and open speech. These leading motives point the way to the struggle to come.

Anton Stigermark

World of Cuckcraft

The Warcraft computer games present a world in which races have to fight for survival against other races by unequivocally pursuing their own interests against those who seek to destroy them. The film Warcraft: The Beginning instead takes this concept and turns it into a nightmare of political correctness.