Matt Forney

Today We Triumph, Tomorrow We Fight

Today, Donald Trump takes his oath of office as President of the United States. While this is a victory for the alternative Right, a look at demographic changes in America will remind us that the struggle is far from over.

Guillaume Faye

New Right Communitarianism — a Purely Intellectualist Product

Allow me to explain the reasons behind the erroneous positions adopted by the communitarian intellectuals of the New Right. This is what I think: this ideological nonsense does not necessarily stem from a calculated change of direction nor from a shift of position, but is due to both an exaggeration and an extremisation of the polytheistic and organismic worldview, a worldview that I otherwise agree with completely, but one that eventually turns against its own initiatives, just like any system of thought whose principles are taken too far.

Peter Heft

A Conversation Between Peter Heft and Brett Stevens

The Alt Right exploded onto the political scene and then hesitated as its inner conflicts became real. We might see the Alt Right as the Right which refuses to limit its speech to what is politically correct, but at heart, it is a realist movement against the past seventy years of entirely conjectural ideology.

Guillaume Faye

Collaboration with the Settlers

Our church parishes, most political parties, countless institutions and associations, as well as the world of show business have all been advocates of migrant residency, of open borders and of keeping the migrants in place for years on end.

Eugene Montsalvat

Avoid “racializing” the victory of Donald Trump — An Interview with Alain de Benoist

So the majority of whites voted for Trump, but that does not mean his victory is solely due to the ethnic factor. The truth is that it was the working class Whites, the popular and middle classes who chose Donald Trump (among the Whites without diplomas, he collected 67% of the vote), while the elite Whites, those who profit from neoliberal globalization, mostly turned out for Hillary Clinton. From this point of view, the vote in favor of Trump is also a class vote.

Guillaume Faye

The ‘Undocumented Illegal Immigrant’ Rights Hoax

We talk about the rights of undocumented migrants, while they actually have none. They are invaders, illegal settlers. In any country of Africa or Asia, their demands would be denied and they would be deported.

Colin Liddell

Terrorist Offsetting and the Sexist Nature of Anarcho-Tyranny

'When people like Milo, Rickey Vaughn, and Richard Spencer were thrown off Twitter, it happened in the wake of Andrew Anglin being banned from the platform, after organizing a Twitter "lynch mob," dealing in death threats and pornographic hate imagery against a Jewish member of Britain's parliament.'

Alexander Dugin

The Geopolitics of the Color Revolutions

The battle between Eurasianism and Atlanticism within the post-Soviet space and the integrational processes of the CIS, on one hand, and the color revolutions on the other, was so evident that it is unlikely that any sober-minded Atlanticist could fail to understand what was put into action there.

Guillaume Faye

From Delinquency to an Ethnic Civil War

Some will surely accuse me of ‘creating a hateful amalgamation of delinquency and immigration’, which I definitely do, simply because crime and immigration are indeed interconnected.

Alexander Dugin

The Eurasian Union

Beyond economic integration, Putin described a higher — geopolitical and political — aim: the future creation on the space of Northern Eurasia of a new, supranational organization, built on civilizational commonality.

Alexander Dugin

The Atlanticist Network of Influence in Putin’s Russia

The fact that Putin’s strategy did not receive its proper formulation, while the influence of the pro-American, liberal, thalassocratic networks were not ended and were preserved in full measure during Putin’s rule, should be stated as an empirical fact and an important circumstance in the general geopolitical evaluation of his governance.

Matt Forney

The God-Emperor Comes Home

President Donald Trump is doing something unprecedented in the history of American politics: circumventing the media and using post-election rallies to talk directly to his constituents. I attended his recent USA Thank You Tour rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan and saw first-hand how the movement he created is continuing to grow.